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Enterprises surmount difficulties, taking care of laborers on Tet

Update: 19-01-2021 | 11:33:11

Although being affected by Covid-19 pandemic, province-based enterprises last year made efforts in maintaining Tet bonuses of 2021 for laborers, aiming to encourage them so that they will come back to work after Tet.

Tet bonues maintained

According to a report by provincial Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affair (DoLISA), as of January 13, as many as 1,369 enterprises have planned to pay Tet bonuses for laborers in 2021. Especially, many enterprises are trying to overcome difficulties, taking care of laborers on Tet.

This year, workers of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company in Di An city get excited at high Tet bonuses

On the days near Tet, workers at Thong Dung Footwear Company in Di An city are very  busy with orders. Nguyen Minh Tien, President of the company’s Trade Union said that taking care of laborers on Tet is the responsibility of the company’s directorate. The company has planned to pay Tet bonuses for laborers right since early October with the goal of ensuring all workers with Tet bonuses. For workers not affording to return home for Tet, the company will also organize Tet celebrations for them.

Yazaki EDS Co.Ltd. now has a total of 7,000 laborers. In 2020, the company also faced obstacles, but still decided to pay Tet bonuses and make salary increase for laborers. With many efforts, the company has still maintained the bonus level of 1/2 a month's basic salary and implemented salary increase by 4% for laborers.

As surveyed, most companies in the province tried to surmount the difficult period, cut costs in order to have welfare resources to take care of laborers. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha, representative of Chi Hung Co.Ltd. in Tan Uyen town said that the company last year faced difficulties, due to Covid-19 pandemic. But, the company has still tried to pay Tet bonuses that are equal to the levels of the previous year. This is the attention of the company’s leaders to workers so that they can feel secure for long attachment with the company.

Efforts to take care of laborers on Tet

According to provincial DoLISA, the province’s highest Tet bonus of 2021 is VND497million. It belongs to the manager of a FDI company. The average Tet bonus for laborers in the province is around VND7.37million this year. Meanwhile, the lowest figure is VND4.42million. Along with Tet bonuses, some enterprises will also give gifts for laborers.

However, according to provincial Labor Union, more than 30 enterprises have not had reports on their Tet bonuses for laborers yet. Nguyen Thi Kim Loan, Chairwoman of provincial Labor Union said that provincial Labor Union will coordinate with relevant units to recheck a list of workers without Tet bonuses for timely care. It is expected that the whole province will have around 250,000 laborers staying Binh Duong to welcome Tet. Hence, provincial Labor Union has planned to organize many programs welcoming Tet for laborers. Along with large-scale programs, provincial Labor Union will also organize Tet celebrations for laborers at 100 lodging facilities and enterprises.

Pham Van Tuyen, Deputy Director of provincial DoLISA said that some enterprises have planned to pay Tet bonuses for laborers, but they have not announced them yet. They are considering the balance between their Tet bonus levels and others in the same fields as they faced difficulties in production and business last year. But, they will pay Tet bonuses that are equal to the levels of the previous years in order to keep their laborers.

In a recent meeting with sectors, departments about Tet care for laborers, Nguyen Hoang Thao, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People’s Committee asked for provincial DoLISA to further work with provincial Industrial Parks’Management Board, Labor Union and relevant sectors to catch the situation of Tet bonus payment for laborers in 2021; stabilize labor relations at enterprises; pay more attention to enterprises facing difficulties, due to Covid-19 pandemic…

Reported by Quang Tam-Translated by K.T

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