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Farmers take part in ensuring traffic safety, order

Update: 05-12-2019 | 11:32:18

Provincial Farmers’ Associations and Traffic Safety Committees at all levels propagandized, mobilized farmers to take part in keeping the local traffic and order over the past five years.

Accordingly, provincial Farmers’ Associations at all levels worked with relevant units to organize 19,000 propaganda shows on traffic safety, 21 training courses on ensuring traffic safety and order, 14 draw contests on traffic safety in association with practicing civilized urban lifestyle. They also actively implemented the Politburo’s Directive No.05-CT/TW on acceleration of studying and following late President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle…

Outstanding collectives, individuals in the campaign of “Farmers take part in ensuring traffic safety and order”

In addition, they joined hands with localities to develop models, namely “Civilized urban street”, “Nice-clean-green-light street”, “Farmers’ association branch with traffic safety”…, thereby contributing to raising people’s awareness of obeying the law, building traffic culture lifestyle among officials, members.

They also strongly responded to the movement of “Farmers joining hands in new-style rural construction”. Over the past time, many farming households voluntarily took part in making urban rejuvenation, rural roads of 1,050 km with more than VND 961.9billion contributed and nearly 40,500 working days; upgraded 93 bridges, gates; set up 2,520 self-management groups with the participation of 3,088 members, contributing to keeping the local social safety and order.

One of the province’s outstanding farmers in ensuring traffic safety and order over the past time was Doan Minh Chien in North Tan Uyen district’s Tan Dinh commune. He actively mobilized members of the local farmers’ association to donate their land to making and lightening rural roads. Whilst, Nguyen Thi Kim Uyen in Thuan An town’s An Son commune was a bright example in land donation for making rural roads. Or, Tran Van Hong residing in Tan Uyen town’s Khanh Binh ward was very enthusiastic in mobilizing many farmers to make contributions to the local movement of making rural roads…

Do Ngoc Huy, Chairman of provincial Farmers’ Association said that over the past five years, with the attention of authorities at all levels plus coordination with Traffic Safety Committees at all levels, provincial Farmers’ Association at all levels actively set plans on propagandizing, mobilizing officials and members to well realize the Law on Road Traffic; building models on keeping traffic order and safety…, thereby improving their awareness in ensuring traffic order and safety.

Reported by K.Tuyen-Translated by K.T




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