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Following successes

Update: 09-07-2020 | 11:18:03

In the last tenure, Dau Tieng district’s Party, government and people made efforts in surmounting difficulties, fulfilling most targets of the Resolution of the 4th local Party congress, taking full advantage of new opportunities to rise up. Sustainable economic development with focus on industrial, trade-service and agricultural development; construction of a modern and synchronous infrastructure system in association with the urbanization process, completion of criteria of an advanced new-style rural district…are the target set out by the district’s Party Committee for the new tenure.

Dau Tieng district aims at sustainable and comprehensive development. In picture: Dau Tieng district’s administrative center

Upholding the tradition of heroic revolution, Dau Tieng district’s Party, government and people reached and surpassed concrete targets of the Resolution of the local Party congress for the 2015-2020 tenure

The image of a modern city is being formed up gradually. In picture: The overall picture of Dau Tieng township

Dau Tieng district has paid attention to healthcare, education fields

Industrial manufacture is seen as a main element in the local economic structure. In picture: A glance of the industrial compound in Thanh An commune

Dau Tieng district’s Party, government and people have joined hands in model, advanced new-style rural construction. In picture: The new vitality in Thanh Tuyen commune

The district’s tourism potential is being awaked. In picture: The implicit beauty of Dau Tieng reservoir

Reported by Quoc Chien-Translated by K.T

Dau Tieng
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