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Giving strength for laborers

Update: 15-01-2020 | 12:12:06

Provincial Labor Unions at all levels have coordinated with trade union locals to visit, offer gifts to needy workers who are not able to return home for Tet. The program has absorbed the attention of the whole society, encouraged workers ‘spirit overcoming difficulties and expressed the attention of trade unions at all levels to them.

Significant gifts

Provincial Labor Union has organized a delegation to visit and donate Tet gifts to workers with extremely difficult circumstances at the lodging facility No.434 in Binh Hoa ward’s group 19 in Thuan An town. The spacious and clean lodging facility is built by Kieu Nhat Electrical Engineering Co.Ltd. for the company’s needy laborers.

Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran, Vice-Chairwoman of provincial Labor Union offers gifts to workers with difficult circumstances

Chen MingChi, Director of the company said that his company is specialized in manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment with more than 320 laborers. Over the past time, the company has always taken good care of the spiritual and material lives of laborers and seen them as its golden key. On Tet and great holidays, the company has regularly visited, donated gifts to laborers; supported accommodations for laborers; coordinated with its trade union local to organize cultural-sports activities, creating useful playgrounds for laborers after hard working hours.

Joining hands to take care of laborers on Tet

On the occasion of the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival 2020, provincial Trade Unions at all levels have proposed enterprises to make plans to encourage, offer gifts to needy workers; encouraged enterprises to support train, bus tickets for workers to return home for Tet, organize activities in celebration of Tet for those who are not able to return home…

Along with provincial Labor Union, trade union locals have also got involved in setting methods and monitoring payment on salary, bonus and other welfare policies for laborers on Tet. Particularly, provincial Labor Union and trade unions at all levels have been proactive to organize many delegations to visit and offer gifts to laborers with difficult circumstances and families having laborers died for workplace accidents.

As planned, provincial Labor Union will give 12,870 Tet gifts for laborers with difficult circumstances; offer more than 4,000 bus tickets to workers in order to return home for Tet; work with provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize 20 art performance nights for workers living away from home. Provincial Labor Union will also mobilize enterprises to take care of the spiritual and material lives of Youth Union members and laborers on Tet.

Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran, Vice-Chairwoman of provincial Labor Union said that provincial Labor Union has organized a series of programs visiting, presenting Tet gifts to workers at province-based lodging facilities. These programs will help workers keep their mind on work, accompanying enterprises in the cause of the local development.

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

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