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“Improving quality of trade union locals” emulation movement launched

Update: 10-02-2020 | 10:42:37

Provincial Labor Union Standing Committee has just launched the emulation movement of “Improving quality of trade union locals”, aiming to raise high the spirit of upholding technical initiatives among officials, civil servants and laborers.

Accordingly, civil servants and laborers will concretize the emulation movement by practical movements, namely “Working well, working creatively”, “Good at State affairs, responsible to housework”, “Improving Trade Union activities”…

Provincial Labor Union Standing Committee has also mobilized officials, civil servants and laborers to actively uphold their technical innovations, initiatives, boost research and application of sci-tech advancements into production and business while getting involved in thrift practice, wastefulness prevention, administrative reform…

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by K.T

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