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Law dissemination in countryside implemented with diversified forms, close contents

Update: 18-09-2020 | 11:12:37

Over the past years, provincial Department of Justice and Farmers ‘Associations at all levels attached special importance to disseminating the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies and laws among farmers, helping improve their legal knowledge and apply them into life.

Provincial Department of Justice over the past time advised provincial People’s Committee on sufficiently promulgating major programs, plans relating to the operations of sectors, agencies in the province, in which there was law dissemination among farmers.

A ceremony to launch the Club “Farmers with the law” of An Son commune in Thuan An city

Noticeably, there were many obvious changes in State management regarding law dissemination. Provincial Department of Justice also had close coordination with sectors, authorities at all levels in law dissemination with new forms realized for better efficiency.

Pham Van Loi, Permanent Vice-Chairman of provincial Farmers ‘Association said that the association’s law dissemination was implemented via the movement of “Farmers emulating in civilized urban and new-style rural construction” and received enthusiastic response from many people. The association and its branches actively worked with sectors, mass organizations to launch the campaign of “All people consolidate to build civilize urban and new-style rural areas”. They also mobilized members to engage activities in environmental protection and took part in developing 136 models on rural environmental protection.

In addition, provincial Farmers ‘Association and its branches were proactive to coordinate with sectors to raise officials, members ‘awareness, responsibility in preventing crimes, protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands…The association also called on all people to set up models on prevention crimes and social evils.

The association now has a total of more than 50,000 members. Among them, 3,088 take part in 2,521 self-managing groups. Over the past five years, the local farmers also actively participated in contests, namely “Farmers learning about the law”, “Good propagandists on environmental protection”…

Law dissemination among farmers, ethnic minority people is an issue that needs to be implemented regularly. Hence, provincial Department of Justice and Farmers ‘Associations at all levels paid more attention to this task with diversification in terms of form and content, bringing high efficiency over the past time.

According to statistics by provincial Law Dissemination Council, localities were proactive to disseminate the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies and laws among the local rural and  ethnic minority people last year. As many as 3,792 propaganda shows were organized with 175,915 participants. Their contents focused on regulations relating to people’s daily life.

Reported by Quynh Nhu-Translated by K.T

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