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Local farmers rise up from emulation movements

Update: 11-09-2020 | 15:56:52

Over the past five years, provincial Farmers ‘Association and its branches upheld the tradition of patriotism, raised high a sense of solidarity, implemented many practical activities, creating a high consensus among officials and members.

Sci-tech application

Over the past time, provincial Farmers ‘Association and it branches took practical and effective solutions in order to promote movements in both quality and quantity, absorbing more farmers. Noticeably, they actively mobilized farmers to take part in the restructuring of agriculture; promoted urban, hi-tech agricultural models, developed specialized areas on growing rubber trees, fruit trees, safe vegetables in association with processing, consumption under the value chains…

Officials, members of provincial Farmers ‘Association visit a model of growing rock melons in Phu Giao district

The whole province is now home to 48 agricultural cooperatives with models invested towards safe production, creating valuable products, bringing high incomes to members. Their operations have actually created a rebound for the local mass economy.

According to Do Ngoc Huy, Chairman of provincial Farmers ‘Association, the efforts by the province’s farmers in restructuring of agriculture has brought the local total area for urban agricultural production to more than 150 hectares, up 15% compared to 2016. There are now more than 5,300 hectares of faming land with hi-tech application, 3 times higher than 2016, with valuable crop plants like vegetables, mushrooms, fruit trees, orchids, ornamental plants…. As many as 75 agricultural production facilities have been granted VietGap certificates with a total area of 470 hectares. The whole province is around 600 hectares of farming land under organic production, including 250 hectares of citrus fruit trees, 25 hectares of vegetables, around 260 hectares of other fruit trees…

Over the past five years, 33,670 farmers in the province got more than VND1.46trillion in loan from many other resources for production development. Provincial Farmers ‘Association and its branches also coordinated with relevant units to organize training courses on sci-tech transfer, organize conferences on demand-supply linkage, held 5,535 trips to effective models with 270,845 participants; opened vocational training facilities, created jobs for more than 5,200 members and farmers ‘offspring.

Provincial Farmers ‘Association also worked with functional agencies to organize trade promotion activities; popularize agricultural products via trade fairs, market-days for safe agricultural products, “Lai Thieu in ripe fruit season” festivals; take part in exhibitions in and out of the province.

Well realizing social affairs

As of now, provincial Farmers ‘Association has had a total of 47,635 officials and members from 72 branches. Over the past time, they actively responded to campaigns, social charity activities, including the campaign of “Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese goods”, the fund “For beloved Truong Sa island”, the fund for the poor…Last year, provincial Farmers ‘Association mobilized more than VND488million from organizations, individuals for social charity activities. The association also built 2 charity houses worth VND120million for members being ethnic minority people in the southern province of Binh Phuoc; donated 2 “great unity” houses worth VND160million to Phu Giao and North Tan Uyen districts.

In addition, provincial Farmers ‘Association and its branches constructed, upgraded 660 gratitude, “great unity” houses worth VND19.8billion; visited and offered more than 1,350 gifts worth VND537million to armed forces, poor people, policy beneficiary families, workers, pupils and students living away from home.

Also from patriotic movements, the emulation movements of the local farmers reached innovative steps. The operational quality of the local farmers ‘association branches was improved. The propaganda improvement of provincial Farmers ‘Association in content and form in association with acceleration of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s exemplary morals created a positive change on ideology, awareness and action among officials, members, upholding their self-help for self-improvement, spirit surmounting difficulties.

For achievements done over the past five years, provincial Farmers ‘Association and its branches won the certificates of merit from all levels. Particularly, one individual was awarded the third-class Labor Medal. The Government also presented the emulation banner to one individual. The Prime Minister awarded 10 certificates of merit to good farmers in production-business. The Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers ‘Association also awarded the certificates of merit to 42 collectives, 93 individuals; 434 mementoes “For Vietnamese farming class”. Whilst, provincial People’s Committee presented the certificates of merit to 144 collectives and 564 individuals. There were also 6 individuals with the “emulation soldier” title at provincial level and 14 collectives with the “excellent labor” title…

Reported by Quynh Nhu-Translated by K.T

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