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New-style rural region and rebound from hi-tech agriculture

Update: 06-08-2020 | 11:05:12

The Program on new-style rural construction and hi-tech agricultural development continued being a lever for Phu Giao district’s socio-economic development in the 2015-2020 tenure.

Rural region changing

In the last tenure, Phu Giao district’s Party Committee paid attention to implementing the Program on new-style rural construction and reached major results. The district effectively carried out the movement of “The whole district joining hands in new-style rural construction”. The local officials and Party members took the lead in realizing the contents of the program.

Phu Giao district has created new rebound from hi-tech agricultural development

The district’s total capital for the new-style rural construction program during the 2016-2020 period was more than VND3.5trillion.  As of late 2019, all 10 communes of the district reached criteria of the program. The local rural image changed very obviously with infrastructure facilities upgraded, people’s spiritual-material lives improved constantly, order-security maintained…The average income of the local people as of late 2019 was VND59.1million per person per year.

Nguyen Anh Dung, Secretary of Tan Long communal Party Committee said that with the determination of the entire political system, the commune obtained positive results in carrying out the new-style rural construction program over the past five years. It is known that Tan Long is among two communes selected for advanced new-style rural construction by the district. The commune’s Party, government and people will strive to successfully carry out its advanced new-style rural construction program in the coming time…

Thriving hi-tech agriculture

Hi-tech agricultural development is of great significance for rural regions like Phu Giao district to develop. With the sound development way, the district’s agricultural economy continued reaching high growth. It is known that over the past five years, the district step by step formed up many hi-tech agricultural farms. Along with rubber trees, orchards, especially ones with citrus fruit trees have loomed large across the district.

The district has so far developed a concentrated cultivation area of more than 1,299 hectares in communes of An Thai, Phuoc Sang, An Binh, Vinh Hoa and Tam Lap. The agricultural production value of the district has reached around VND75million per hectare of farming land per year. For areas growing fruit trees, their production value has gained VND500,000 per hectare of farming land per year and above. An Thai hi-tech agricultural park invested by U&I Agricultural Joint Stock Company has absorbed visitors for learning experience in growing fruit trees and created jobs for the local laborers.

Whilst, animal husbandry continued being a bright spot in agricultural development of the district in the last tenure. The sector was developed towards hi-tech models. District-based small breeding facilities were gradually replaced with hi-tech farms…

Doan Van Dong, Vice-Secretary of the district’s Party Committee cum Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee said that so far, the district has fulfilled 21 set out by the local 4th Party congress for the 2015-2020 tenure, greatly contributing to the local socio-economic development. The Program on new-style rural construction and hi-tech agricultural development has created a motivation for the local robust growth. Possibly affirming, the above results are the major premise for the local development in the coming time.

Reported by Da Binh-Translated by K.T

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