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Phu Giao: Action programs promote socio-economic development

Update: 05-08-2020 | 11:18:22

To well realize the Resolution of the 4th local Party congress for the 2015-2020 tenure, Phu Giao district implemented action programs and reached positive results.

All 10 communes meeting new-style rural criteria

During the 2015-2020 period, Phu Giao district’s Party Committee set up the Action Program No.22b-Ctr/HU on agricultural development and new-style rural construction in association with ecotourism development. Through the program, the district’s agricultural sector continued reaching stable growth. The district’s agricultural production value over the past five years gained the average growth of 5.52%. There were all communes meeting new-style rural criteria; 100% of people in the rural region in use of clean water…The whole district had a total of 113 farmsteads with hi-tech application.

Rock melons in An Thai hi-tech agricultural park in Phu Giao district’s An Thai commune under harvest

In terms of tourism, the district’s Party Committee conducted relevant agencies to coordinate with provincial Tourist Promotion Center to popularize the local tourist sites, namely Suoi Rac ecotourism site, Song Be relic, An Thai hi-tech agricultural park…among Youth Union members. The district now has a total of 34 accommodation business facilities with more than 400 rooms. Among them, there are 6 meeting standards on accommodation businesses by provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Home industrial, industrial development

The district also carried out the Action Program No.22a-CTr/HU on home industrial, industrial development for the 2016-2020 period. As a result, the district’s industrial production continued growing up, contributing to socio-economic development, generating jobs for laborers, forming up some key industries, tapping the local advantages.

During the period, the district’s industrial manufacture gained the growth of 12.82%. The whole district has so far had 573 home industrial, industrial facilities. The situation of absorbing investment projects into industrial compounds in the district obtained positive results. The district has till now formed up industrial compounds to attract investment projects. It is known that Tam Lap 1 industrial compound in the district has been fulfilled and put into operation.

Synchronous traffic system

Under the Action Program No.29-CTr/HU on mobilizing resources to further make investment into infrastructure development for the 2016-2020 period, Phu Giao district has continued perfecting its traffic and power system. There were 9 out of 16 main works fulfilled. The district has also made procedures for construction of Phu Giao coach station; upgraded 274 rural roads; built and upgraded lighting systems for 162 streets with a total length of 157.37km…

Regarding the effectiveness of the above action programs over the past time, Doan Van Dong, Vice-Secretary of the district’s Party Committee, Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee said that these action programs contributed to fulfilling targets under the Resolution of the 4th local Party congress, promoting the local socio-economic development over the past five years. The district maintained sustainable economic growth, created the local favorable investment climate to lure investment projects; strengthened the process of industrialization and modernization for agriculture and rural development in association with environmental protection; well settled social issues; improved the spiritual and material lives of people, ensured national defence-security, social safety and order, upheld the strength of great national unity bloc, developed it into a new-style rural district…

Reported by Cao Son-Translated by K.T

Phu Giao
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