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Propaganda forms strengthened

Update: 11-09-2020 | 15:56:52

In August, units under provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized exhibitions on books, newspapers, photos and objects in celebration of events, namely the 75th anniversary of August Revolution, National Day…Through propaganda forms, the whole sector carried out nearly 2,500 meters of bandroll, more than 3,300 square meters of panels; hung more than 5,100 various flags and organized more than 10 days of mobile propaganda…

Provincial Museum also organized a mobile exhibition at Phuoc Hoa high school in Phu Giao district under the theme of “The war zone D in the two anti-French and American resistance wars”, absorbing numerous pupils. In addition, provincial Center for Culture and Arts also opened 2 exhibitions entitled “Celebration of the 75th anniversary of National Day” and “Achievements of culture-sports and tourism sector for 2015-2020”.

Reported by Cam Ly-Translated by K.T

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