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Province focuses on urban development

Update: 25-09-2020 | 11:37:00

Binh Duong province has focused on urban development, contributing to improving the local urban image towards modernity, civilization with people’s lives enhanced during the 2015-2020 period.

Urban areas upgraded

During the 2015-2020 period, the province has mobilized many social resources to develop the local urban infrastructure system. For key traffic works, they have been invested in a synchronous way with inter-regional connectivity. The province’s water supply system has also been upgraded with the daily capacity of around 280,000 cubic meters and the rate of water lost reducing to 7% from 30%. In addition, the province has attached special importance to developing its urban water drainage system.

So far, the province’s urban development program has been implemented drastically. The province has effectively mobilized economic sectors for the local urban infrastructure development. The province has basically perfected infrastructure of Binh Duong new city; put provincial Integrated Administration Center, works in trade, service, education and some hi-class housing projects into use.

The province’s task of upgrading urban areas has been realized in accordance with the national urban development roadmap, the local urban development program with many changes towards quality and synchrony. The province has basically fulfilled the local task of upgrading urban areas. Particularly, in 2017, Thu Dau Mot was upgraded to the first-class city. Thuan An and Di An were upgraded to third-class cities. Lai Uyen in Bau Bang district and Tan Thanh in North Tan Uyen were recognized as fifth-class cities. In 2018, Ben Cat and Tan Uyen were upgraded to third-class cities. In 2019, Tan Binh in North Tan Uyen district was recognized as a fifth-class city. The province also upgraded its administrative unit from township to city for Thuan An and Di An. In 2020, it is expected to upgrade Tan Binh commune to Tan Binh township; fulfill documents recognized Lai Hung in Bau Bang district and Thanh Tuyen in Dau Tieng district as fifth-class cities.

So far, the province has had 1 first-class city (TDM city); 4 third-class cities (Thuan An, Di An, Ben Cat, Tan Uyen); 5 fifth-class cities (Dau Tieng, Phuoc Vinh, Lai Uyen, Tan Thanh and Tan Binh). It is expected to complete the process of upgrading 2 fifth-class cities; submit documents establishing townships Tan Binh, Thanh Tuyen, Lai Hung. The rate of the province’s urbanization in 2019 was 80.17% and will be 82% in 2020 when some administrative units are upgraded…

Urban rejuvenation upgraded

Along with upgrading urban areas, the province has attached special importance to urban rejuvenation and management in association with fostering housing projects, improving the local urban image, enhancing the quality of people’s lives, creating a motivation for the local socio-economic image.

Noticeably, the province has developed new green parks from the old areas of State agencies while upgrading the existing ones to serve the local people. The whole province now has a total of 96 green parks.

The province has also paid more attention to upgrading the local urban technical infrastructure facilities with streets, lighting system upgraded…The alleys under the management of wards, and communes have also been covered by concrete from the Stage budget, contributions by locals…

Reported by Phuong Le-Translated by K.T

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