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Province makes restructuring of agriculture for development

Update: 28-10-2020 | 11:07:29

Along with absorbing investment projects, promoting industrial production and services, Binh Duong province will further boost restructuring of the local agricultural sector in association with sustainable urban development and new-style rural construction.

Restructuring in association with urban development

Under the instruction of the province, provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DoARD) has strengthened restructuring of agricultural sector towards diversifying agricultural production forms in association with consumption market, processing industry and urbanization, step by step stabilizing the lives of the local people and bringing the locality a green, clean and nice scenery.

This is a hi-tech vegetables growing model in Phu Giao district

Accordingly, provincial DoARD has just implemented 2 projects on “Developing an area of fruit specialities in association with ecotourism and “Building a chain of safe vegetables production in the southern region of the province”. Provincial DoARD has also continued maintaining and fostering sub-projects under the project on urban agricultural development in the southern region of the province. Many households have also got involved in growing various plants with hi-economic value. According to statistics by provincial DoARD, as of October 2020, the province’s urban agricultural area was 158 hectares, up 21% compared to 2016.

Pham Van Bong, Director of provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the two projects are also under the local target on restructuring of agricultural sector in association with sustainable urban development. They have total investment capital of VND12.78billion, including VND7.83billion from State budget and VND4.95billion from locals. Accordingly, provincial DoARD will sort out 30 models for support in 2020 and 2021…

New-style rural construction

Apart from agricultural development in association with sustainable urban development in the southern region, the province’s agricultural sector has also boosted its restructuring; reoriented farmers in cultivation and animal husbandry towards hi-tech application with large scale in association with preservation, processing and consumption.

For traditional agricultural areas in the northern region, the province has also focused on restructuring key agricultural products; formed up specialized agricultural areas in association with socio-economic infrastructure development; widely multiplied hi-tech models for key crop plants  with hi-economic value like citrus fruit trees, bananas, rock melons…, aiming to raise products ‘quality, increase the value on each production unit.

The province’s model of growing organic fruit trees has reached considerable development in scale and quality, thereby helping farmers enhance their income while generating jobs for the local laborers. According to statistics by provincial DoARD about the average productivity of the local fruit trees, oranges reach 30-40 tons per hectare per year; green-skin pomelos with 20-25 tons per hectare per year; rock melon with 35-40 tons per hectare per crop; bananas with 50-60 tons per hectare per year.

Along with synchronous development plans on cultivation areas, the province is now home to 3 large-scale projects on animal husbandry with hi-tech application in Tan Uyen town, North Tan Uyen and Phu Giao districts together with 60 cooperatives, hundreds of general farmsteads on animal husbandry and cultivation with hi-tech application, bringing hi-economic efficiency.

Reported by Dinh Thang-Translated by K.T

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