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Province strengthens industrial manufacture, creating a motivation for development

Update: 12-01-2021 | 10:20:23

Despite the impacts from Covid-19 pandemic, the province still maintained its industrial growth in 2020. The province’s index of industrial production (IIP) last year surged 8.2% compared to 2019. This was the high growth level in comparison with the whole country’s common growth level in this field, thereby affirming the province’s sound instruction in Covid-19 prevention and socio-economic development.

Considerable results

In 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected enterprises ‘production and business activities. However, according to provincial Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT), the province focused on implementing central instructions; actively put forward solutions to remove difficulties by sectors, especially processing and manufacturing ones. The province also continued improving the local investment climate; strengthened infrastructure investment, absorbed more investment projects into industrial parks and compounds, supported enterprises ‘production-business activities, well tapped the local advantages for industrial development. Among 16 localities paying revenues to the central State budget, Binh Duong gained the high GRDP growth. This result came from the efforts by the entire political system, business community and people in the province.

The efforts by the province’s functional sectors and business community will create a driving force for the local industrial development in 2021

In addition, the province continued enhancing the quality of the local investment climate, accompanying enterprises…Niranian Alummihare, General Director of R-Pac Vietnam Co.Ltd. said that the local administration has given support policies for enterprises amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic. This has made them feel more secure when making investment in the province. In 2020, the company’s total revenue reached a twofold increase in comparison with the same period of 2019.

Nguyen Thanh Toan, Director of provincial DoIT said that with many concrete solutions, the province has focused on removing enterprises ’obstacles; boosted trade promotion activities, implemented a linkage program with localities nationwide in terms of manufacturing, processing…The province’s IIP in 2020 surged 8.02% compared to the same period of 2019. Of these, production and distribution of power, gas, hot water and air conditioners increased by 10.52% while water supply, waste and sewage treatment grew by 14.5%...

Industrial manufacture further being a motivation

Ly Ngoc Minh, CEO of Minh Long 1 Porcelain Company said that the province’s effective instruction in Covid-19 prevention and socio-economic development was the basic factor to support the business community last year. Especially, the province also accompanied enterprises in administrative reform, extension of time for tax payment…, creating a motivation for them to surmount difficulties in order to rise up.

In 2021, the province will strive to reach the highest growth in all fields. Mai Ba Tuoc, Director of provincial Department of Planning and Investment said that the province has taken solutions to be able to well fulfill the set targets amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic. Accordingly, the province will actively map out solutions to help enterprises remove their obstacles; make more efforts in improving the local investment climate…

Along with promoting sectors affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the province will continue developing industrial manufacture into a motivation for the local growth; strengthen public investment capital disbursement, absorb resources for social investment, stimulate demand for domestic consumption…

Mr.Toan said that the province will strive to fulfill the set targets, including reaching the growth of 9.2% in IIP compared to the same period of 2020. Provincial DoIT will also actively remove obstacles, further improve administrative procedures…, helping enterprises recover their production-business activities, contributing to the local economic growth.

Also according to him, provincial DoIT has bent on taking solutions to foster and maintain the growth of industrial manufacture with focus on making in-depth development, promoting auxiliary, processing and manufacturing industries that are less  labor intensive and more environmentally friendly, step by step taking part in the global value chain; hasten the progress of construction of infrastructure facilities for industrial parks and compounds under the plan; develop auxiliary industrial compounds, serving investors ‘diverse demand…

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by K.T

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