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Provincial Agency-Bussiness Bloc’s Youth Union creative, voluntary for the community

Update: 12-07-2020 | 11:36:24

Provincial Youth Unions at all levels have actively realized many youth works during the summer volunteer youth campaign. In response to the campaign, Youth Union members under provincial Agency-Business Bloc’s Youth Union has applied their professtional skills into the reality, bringing the best practical benefits to the community.

On-site volunteer

Nguyen Phu Thinh, Secretary of provincial Agency-Business Bloc’s Youth Union said that the theme of the bloc’s summer youth volunteer campaign this year from June to August 2020 is  that “Youths are creative, voluntary for the community”. July is selected as the peak month of the campaign. Accordingly, the bloc’s Youth Union members will focus on organizing on-site volunteer activities.

TCS-Envrionmental Technology Co.Ltd.’s Youth Union branch gets involved in a youth work spraying free disinfectant in units under provincial Agency-Business Bloc’s Youth Union

The Youth Union branch of TCS-Envrionmental Technology Co.Ltd. is one of units early responding to this year’s summer youth volunteer campaign. Accordingly, the company’s Youth Union branch carried out a youth work spaying free disinfectant against Covid-19 pandemic in the bloc’s Youth Union branches from provincial Physical Training and Sports Center, Binh Duong College for Technology and Trade Union Skills…with a total expense of tens of millions of dong.

Tran Trung, Secretary of the company’s Youth Union said that along with the youth work was implemented under the company’s Directorate and provincial Health Department’s Youth Union. The youth work was highly appreciated because of its practicality and significance. It also helped the company’s Youth Union members realize their professional skills to serve the community.

It is known that the Youth Union branch will spray mechicals against dengue fever in provincial Molize Police Regiment  and some lodging facilites croweded with laborers. The Youth Union branch will also open a class on first aid skills for parents, especially workers taking jobs at industrial parks…

Using professional skills to serve community

With the spirit of using their profesional knowledge to serve the community, Youth Union members under provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have so far mobilized more than 200 households in two remote communes of the province, namely Tru Van Tho in Bau Bang district and Dinh An in Dau Tieng district, to make clean water installation. Accordingly, 67 households registered for the use of the rural clean water work and were installed clean water pipes, thereby contributing to enhancing the rate of people in the rural region of the province getting access to clean water resources while expressing the role, responsibility of Youth Union members in new-style rural construction.

Provincial General Hospital’s Youth Union members have also used their specialist knowledge for volunteer activities. Hoang Thi Kieu Hau, Secretary of provincial General Hospital’s Youth Union said that in response to this year’s summer youth volunteer campaign, the Youth Union will organize a journey “Young physicians following Uncle Ho’s teachings-Volunteering for community’s health” in Bu Gia Map district’s Da Kia commune in Binh Phuoc province. Particularly, the delegation will provide free medical check-up, medicine, gifts for 100 poor households, 2 heroic Vietnamese mothers; offer a recreational area to pupils at Da Kia C primary school; donate wheelchairs to needy youngsters…

Other Youth Union branches under provincial Agency-Business Bloc’s Youth Union have also  carried out the summer youth volunteer campaign with significant works, contributing to building up a prosperous and beautiful homeland.

Some main activities to be done by the bloc’s Youth Union during the summer youth volunteer campaign are to carry out a “lighting rural road” work with installation of 460 meters of new power wire, 15 lights in Tan Uyen town; provide medical check-up, medicine and gifts for 150 people; build 2 gratitute and charity houses; support 200 children with difficult circumstances; host provincial ceremony to burn candles paying tribute to heroic martyrs; mobilize Youth Union members to put forward 100 initiatives; honor 90 outstanding Party members; carry out the mobilization of establishment of at least 2 Youth Union branches in non-State businesses…

Reported by Ngoc Nhu-Translated by K.T

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