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Provincial Customs Department well ensures goods import-export

Update: 22-02-2021 | 11:34:55

Provincial Customs Department has urgently implemented measures against Covid-19 prevention and control in the new context. The agency has also continued well maintaining its operations, facilitating businesses ‘goods import and export.

Being proactive in Covid-19 prevention and control

Provincial Customs Department has been proactive to instruct its branches to urgently implement some major measures for Covid-19 prevention and control with the motto of “Binh Duong Customs always accompanying businesses”. The agency has seriously realized the 5K recommendation (Khẩu trang (face mask) - Khử khuẩn (disinfection) - Khoảng cách (social distancing) - Không tụ tập (avoiding crowded gathering) - Khai báo y tế (making medical declaration) suggested by the Ministry of Health; checked body temperature and reminded clients to wear face masks while coming and working there; mobilized all staff to install the Bluezone contact-tracing app…

Provincial Customs Department focuses on solutions giving maxium support for business in all related procedures, aiming to maintain stability in export-import activities

Provincial Customs Department has also conducted its branches to be proactive to keep watch on the development of Covid-19 pandemic and urgent announcements by the Ministry of Health for timely solutions.

According to Nguyen Phuoc Viet Dung, Head of provincial Customs Department, thoroughly grasping instructions from higher authorities, the agency has continued being proactive to strengthen propaganda against Covid-19 pandemic. The agency and its branches have also prepared sufficient equipment against the pandemic; sprayed disinfectant as stipulated; asked for all staff to comply with regulations against the pandemic while working. The agency has also been proactive to prepare scenario for Covid-19 cases. After the Tet holiday, it has also quickly worked to be able to fulfill the set tasks for 2021.

Facilitating export-import activities

In order to well realize the “dual goal” of making Covid-19 prevention-control and fulfilling the set targets, provincial Customs Department has instructed its branches to further facilitate export-import activities. Especially, they gave maximum support for businesses during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday 2021.

Nguyen Thanh Binh, Head of Song Than Customs Sub-Department said that the unit had close coordination with functional forces to ensure Covid-19 prevention-control and customs clearance for businesses during the Tet holiday.

Provincial Customs Department has also instructed its branches to continue implementing support measures for businesses in a synchronous way; further support businesses to remove difficulties, facilitating their export-import activities in association with Covid-19 prevention and control in the new context. With concrete solutions, the agency has accompanied the business community in surmounting difficulties from Covid-19 prevention and control; tried its best to help businesses stabilize their production-business activities, promoting the local import-export activities.

Nguyen Phuoc Viet Dung, Head of provincial Customs Department said that the agency will continue conducting its branches to support businesses by many solutions, including frequently grasping the operation situation of businesses for effective support, contributing to increasing the local import-export turnover and ensuring State budget collection for 2021…

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by K.T

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