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Provincial Election Commission quickly reports on preparation for national election

Update: 02-03-2021 | 12:56:46

Early March 1, Vo Van Minh, Permanent Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman provincial People's Council, Chairman of Election Commission heard quick reports on the local preparation for the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly (NA) and the People’s Councils at all levels in the 2021-2026 tenure.

Reportedly,  provincial Election Commission announced the number of eligible candidates, the number of candidates for each unit, the list of election units of People’s Councils at all levels. Provincial Election Commission also worked with Binh Duong Newspaper, Binh Duong Radio-Television, provincial E-Postal to announce its resolution on the number of eligible candidates, the number of eligible deputies for each unit and the list of election units under the law.

For 15th NA deputies, the province has 11 deputies, including 6 central representatives  and 5 local ones. Through the first consultancy conference,  there were 19 candidates recommended in order to select 11 representatives of the 15th NA. For provincial-level People's Council, the province is expected to have 72 deputies to be elected from 122 candidates for the 2021-2016 tenure. For district level, there are 87 election units, 273 deputies to be elected from 529 candidates. For communal level, there are 621 electoral units, 2,236 deputies to be voted from 4,073 candidates. The number of election groups at district, communal levels is expected to be 1,047.

Provincial People's Committee also reported fast on the preparation of personnel for establishing of election commissions at all levels and receiving records; election propaganda under the Plan No.09-KH/TU; the establishment of election inspective and supervision delegation; the establishment of sub-committees to assist provincial Election Commission and other affairs in terms of material facilities.

From March 1 to 7, provincial Election Commission will focus on introducing candidates; receive candidates ‘personal papers and editor their biography; set up election committees to recheck the list of voters and other logistics affairs.

Reported by Ho Van-Translated by K.T

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