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Provincial IPs absorb additional US$840million in FDI capital

Update: 19-10-2020 | 11:21:13

According to provincial Industrial Parks (IPs)’Management Board, the Ips under the Management Board absorbed additional US$840.5million in FDI capital or 40% compared to the same period last year and 67.9% of the province’s total FDI capital over the past nine months.

Particularly, there were additional 75 new FDI projects, 56 FDI projects increasing capital and 157 FDI ones contributing capital or buying shares. Among them, some with great capital included the project of H9BC Investment Co.Ltd. with total registered capital of US$78million in TDM city’s Hoa Phu ward; the project of Singapore’s Sung Shin Tech Limited with total registered capital of US$30million in the Tan Dong Hiep B IP; the project of Singapore’s Ever Giant International Private Limited with total registered capital of US$20million in the Bau Bang IP.

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by K.T

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