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Rebound of new-style rural construction

Update: 06-12-2019 | 11:12:09

After nearly 10 years of implementing the national target program on new-style rural construction, the rural image of the province has reached many changes with a more and more perfect rural infrastructure system, the material and spiritual lives of rural people improved.

Sustainble way

The lives of people in Thanh An commune in Dau Tieng district has got more thriving since the locality was recognized as a new-style rural commune. One of highlights is that the commune has made the shift of the local plant structure with high economic efficiency. Last year, the average income of the local people was VND55million per person, up VND33million from that of 2012.

People in Dau Tieng district’s Thanh An commune join hands in upgrading a rural road

Nguyen Thanh Du, Vice-Chairman of Thanh An communal People’s Committee said that the local government and people have continued developing the image of the locality after being recognized as a new-style rural commune. So far, the commune’s infrastructure system has been upgraded. The commune has also developed many effective models; well realized vocational training, job creation…Especially, Thanh An has also been recognized as an advanced new-style rural commune.

It is known that Thanh An is one of the province’s first localities reaching criteria of the new-style rural construction program. Till now, all communes and 3 out of 7 districts in the province have been recognized as new-style rural ones. Binh Duong is among the country’s 8 provinces, cities reaching 100% of communes recognized as new-style rural ones.

In the 2010-2019 period, the province’s total capital for new-style rural construction was more than VND25trillion, including VND12.75billion from State budget, VND3.89trillion from enterprises, more than VND4.56trillion from people…As of now, there have been 100% of district/commune-level roads covered by asphalt; 100% of schools, health facilities, cultural institutions meeting standards; 99.99% of households in clean water…

Possibly affirming, the province’s national target program on new-style rural construction has contributed to improving the spiritual and material lives of people in the rural region. In 2018, the average income of people in the new-style rural communes of the province was VND58million per person. The rate of poor households under the province’s new poverty line reduced to 1.62%.

Building model, advanced new-style rural areas

Along with its new-style rural construction process, the province has implemented a lot of hi-tech agricultural programs in association with processing industry. The province has called for enterprises to make investment into hi-tech agricultural parks. As a result, the whole province is now home to 167 cooperatives, including many new-style cooperative models associated with value chains on effective operation, contributing to creating jobs and increasing incomes for locals.

Pham Van Bong, Director of provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that provincial People’s Committee has issued a set of advanced criteria on new-style rural construction, aiming to enhance the quality of the program. Along with this, the province has continued making rural infrastructure construction in line with socio-economic development map roads and orientations of districts and towns.

The province has also given priority to urgent works on clean water, waste water treatment, environmental protection...while further attaching special importance to urban rejuvenation towards a civilized, green, clean and nice living environment in the coming time.

Possibly seeing, the province has implemented its new-style rural construction program based on sustainable agricultural development. The province’s infrastructure system has reached synchronous connection with the southeastern, Mekong Delta, south central coast, central Highlands regions in order to tap regional potential sustainably.

According to Mai Hung Dung, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice-Chairman of provincial People’s Committee, localities need to further improve the quality of criteria of the new-style rural construction program, uphold good ways in carrying out the program for better results…

Reported by Thoai Phuong-Translated by K.T

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