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Religious establishments seriously ensure Covid-19 prevention and control

Update: 23-02-2021 | 11:39:33

Normally, this is the most animated period with festivals in early Lunar New Year of the province. But, province-based pagodas, temples do not organize festivals, due to the impact from Covid-19 pandemic. Most of them are ordered to stop or only organize festivals internally, avoiding mass gatherings to ensure the local Covid-19 prevention and control…

Seriously implementing the “5K” message

People frequently rush to pagodas after the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival. On this occasion, province-based pagodas become destinations for many people and Buddhist followers near and far. But, many people this year did take part in the activity, due to Covid-19 pandemic. Most pagodas in the province also announced contents on Covid-19 prevention and control to pilgrims before the Tet holiday.

TDM city temporarily closes Thien Hau Lady temple, does not organize the annual Thien Hau Lady temple festival to contain Covid-19 pandemic

Most venerable Thich Hue Thong, Head of provincial Buddhist Sangha’s Executive Board cum Head of Hoi Khanh pagoda said that under the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, the province and TDM city, the pagoda has informed all Buddhist followers of seriously implementing measures against Covid-19 prevention and control, including frequently using hand sanitizer to clean hands, wearing face masks, ensuring a minimum distance of 2 meters, well realizing the 5K recommendation (Khẩu trang (face mask) - Khử khuẩn (disinfection) - Khoảng cách (social distancing) - Không tụ tập (avoiding crowded gathering) - Khai báo y tế (making medical declaration) suggested by the Ministry of Health…Provincial Buddhist Sangha’s Executive Board has disseminated all the above contents against the pandemic to Buddhist establishments across the province.

It is known that Hoi Khanh pagoda has installed a notice board on measures against Covid-19 prevention and control in front of its gate. The pagoda has also provided pilgrims with hand sanitizer. It is known that although the pagoda still opened during the Tet holiday, the number of visitors decreased a lot. This showed that all people’s awareness, responsibility in Covid-19 prevention and control were raised…

Ensuring safety for all people

The Tết Nguyên Tiêu or Rằm Tháng Giêng (First Full Moon of the Lunar New Year) festival in TDM city, including the Thien Hau Lady Temple festival is seen as the most biggest festival of the year in Binh Duong province.

TDM city now has 3 Thien Hau Lady temples in wards of Phu Cuong, Hoa Phu and Dinh Hoa. They frequently welcome a large amount of pilgrims on the “Rằm Tháng Giêng” festival. Especially, Thien Hau Lady temple in Phu Cuong ward is always crowded with pilgrims after the annual Lunar New Year’s Eve. More and more pilgrims rush to the temple on the 14th and 15th days of Lunar January. But, the festive atmosphere is not animated this year, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Representative of Thien Hau Lady temple’s Executive Board said that under the instruction of provincial People’s Committee on the realization of the PM’s Directive No.05/CT-TTG on some urgent measures in Covid-19 prevention and control, the instruction of TDM city’s People’s Committee on further strengthening Covid-19 prevention and control, the Executibe Board of the temple has early announced visitors about temporarily stopping the organization of the annual Thien Hau Lady temple festival at her temples in Hoa Phu and Phu Cuong wards. The Executive Board of the temple has also announced to temporarily close amid the complicated development of the pandemic.

In addition, TDM city’s People’s Committee has instructed relevant units to stop the organization of the local festivals, comprising of the annual Thien Hau temple festival, to ensure Covid-19 prevention and control. Although some temples and pagodas in the city remain open, but the number of visitors is uncrowded.

The city’s functional forces has also focused on inspecting and monitoring over Covid-19 prevention at the local Buddhist establishments… In order to limit mass gatherings, the city’s relevant forces have been engaged around the clock at Thien Hau Lady temple in Phu Cuong ward.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by K.T

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