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Strengthening education among teenagers and children

Update: 08-08-2020 | 10:41:26

Under the 11th Party Central Secretariat’s Directive 42-CT/TW on “strengthening the Party leadership on educating revolutionary ideology, morality, lifestyle for the young generation for 2015-2030”, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee has focused on improving the quality of movements, programs, campaigns from the Youth Union, Young Pioneer Organization and associations.

Concrete deeds

To well realize the Directive No.42-CT/TW, provincial Youth Union has been proactive to boost “studying and following late President Ho Chi Minh’s exemplary morals” while launching revolutionary action movements, organizing “return-to-the-roof” journeys in association with holidays, traditional days. Over the past time, revolutionary action movements, especially voluntary ones were organized very effectively, contributing to the local socio-economic development.

Provincial Youth Unions at all levels were voluntary to carry out thousands of youth works, continuing affirming the role and responsibility of the local youths joining hands in civilized urban and new-style rural construction. Noticeably, the annual summer youth volunteer campaign carried out many significant works, including building, upgrading 57 houses of compassion; clearing more than 182 km of in-field canals; mobilizing 1,762 youths to give 1,500 units of blood…Provincial Youth Unions at all levels constructed, upgraded 30 recreational areas for children; built 40 “flower gardens following Uncle Ho’s teachings”; planted more than 10,000 green plants, lighting 43 rural roads…

The above activities created a positive environment for teenagers and children to study, train and mature, raising high the spirit of “mutual affection, mutual love” at the demand for social activities, thereby helping them be prouder of the homeland and strengthening revolutionary ideology among them, contributing to building up a more and more prosperous homeland.

Towards good lifestyle

Under provincial Project on “Improving awareness of the law among youths for 2015-2018, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee boosted coordination with sectors, authorities and mass organizations at all levels to bring into full play the effectiveness of activities building up good lifestyle among teenagers and children.

Especially, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee worked with provincial Police Agency’s Directorate to sign a joint program for 2017-2022; organize a program “lighting dreams of youths”, offering help to spoilt youths; hold a series of propaganda activities against drugs among pupils, students and young workers.

Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee also teamed up with provincial Department of Education and Training to promote useful camping festivals among teenagers and children, replicate models “Flexible teenagers with good things”, “Army semester”…, aiming to educate them about life skills and create useful playgrounds for them.

Tran Thi Diem Trinh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Youth Union said that over the past five years, under the Directive No.42-CT/TW, the local youths developed effective models. Provincial Youth Unions at all levels concretized annual programs, followed hard the Resolutions of Party and Youth Union congresses at all levels with appropriate contents, ensuring practicality and creativeness, thereby enhancing the quality of movements, programs, creating an animated emulation impetus in studying, training and working for teenagers and children…

Reported by K.Tuyen-Translated by K.T

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