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Taking better care of poor households in 2020

Update: 21-05-2020 | 11:42:14

Tran Thanh Liem, Chairman of provincial People’s Committee made the statement at a conference to review the results of the mobilization, management and use of the Fund for the Poor and the social welfare program 2019; the organization of activities of provincial Mobilization Board of the Fund for the Poor in 2020 held yesterday morning.

Well realizing “All people consolidate to build civilized urban, new-style rural areas” campaign

The campaign of “All people consolidate to build civilized urban, new-style rural areas” aims to enhance the spiritual and material lives of people. Hence, the province has paid more attention to carrying out targets on sustainable poverty reduction in association with civilized urban and new-style rural construction.

Outstanding members of provincial War Veterans ‘Society in Covid-19 prevention honored

Along with civilized urban and new-style rural construction, provincial Fatherland Front Committees at all levels and member organizations over the past time sufficiently implemented policies on poverty reduction among locals via many practical support programs on housing, vocational training, preferential loans for production-business…

Tran Thi Kim Lan, Vice-Chairwoman of provincial Fatherland Front Committee (FFC), Deputy Head of provincial Mobilization Board of the Fund for the Poor said that over the past years, provincial FFCs at all levels coordinated with the local cultural sector to implement criteria on cultural titles; worked with the local sector of agriculture and rural development to carry out 19 criteria on new-style rural construction…, aiming to promote the campaign of “All people consolidate to build civilized urban and new-style rural areas” in association with national target programs on sustainable poverty reduction.

So far, the whole province has had all 46 communes reaching criteria of the new-style rural construction program, 1 communes meeting advanced criteria of the program, 3 districts recognized as ones with completion of the program and the remaining 3 districts with procedures for the completion of the program being underway…

Helping poor households escape from poverty in a sustainable way

Upholding the tradition of “mutual love, mutual affection”, provincial FFC last year had close coordination with authorities at all levels to mobilize people and enterprises to raise more than VND8.97billion to the local Fund for the Poor. The fund was used to construct and upgrade 90 “great unity” houses worth more than VND5billion; support poor households in medical examination and treatment, offer help to needy pupils; offer audiovisual equipment to the poor as stipulated…

Mrs.Lan said that provincial FFC has continued implementing provincial People’s Committee’s Plan No.4741/KHUBND dated October 24 on launching the emulation movement of “Binh Duong joining hands for the poor-No one is left behind” for the 2017-2020 period with focus on supporting the poor by many practical programs.

 In 2019, provincial FFC spent around VND986billion on realizing social welfare policies; effectively carried out sustainable poverty targets for the 2016-2020 period under the resolution of provincial People’s Council. The policies for poor and near-poor households were realized in localities in a synchronous way… In general, provincial FFCs at all levels together with mass organizations and authorities well realized policies on social welfare over the past time.

Addressing the conference, Mr.Liem spoke highly of the efforts by provincial Mobilization Board of the Fund for the Poor over the past time. He also asked for the board to have good coordination with sectors, localities to more exactly recheck a list of poor and near-poor households for better care in 2020…

Reported by Quang Tam-Translated by K.T


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