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Tan Uyen’s People’s Council gains, surpasses the set targets

Update: 19-08-2019 | 11:24:24

As of now, 7 out of 17 targets of the Resolution of Tan Uyen town’s People’s Council in 2019 has gained and exceeded the set plan. The town’s People’s Council has also approved many concrete solutions to be able to fulfill 100% of the resolution’s targets.

The overall objectives of Tan Uyen town in 2019 are to ensure sustainable growth, continue perfecting a socio-economic infrastructure system, promote urban and service development; guarantee social welfare, improve the spiritual and material lives of people; continue well realizing administrative reform, strengthen national defence-security and ensure political stability, social order and safety.

The industrialization image of Hoi Nghia commune in Tan Uyen town

Under the spirit of the resolution, the town will strive to obtain the economic growth of 12.5%-13.7% compared to 2018. The town’s construction-industrial manufacture value will increase by 11.9% while trade-services will surge 19%. The average income of the local people will be raised to VND132million per person per year. The town will also continue maintaining 100% of households in use of power and clean water; give vocational training for 220 laborers, introduce jobs to 4,000 laborers…

Among the seven targets reaching and exceeding the set plan, the town’s construction-industrial production value was VND12.3trillion, up 12% against the same period last year or 50% of the set plan. The town’s trade-service value was estimated at VND5.3trillion, up 22% over the corresponding period or 51% of the set plan. The rate of daily solid waste treatment and collection was 96.58%. There were also 100% of households in use of clean water…

Doan Hong Tuong, Chairman of Tan Uyen town’s People’s Committee said that since early this year, the town’s People’s Committee has made efforts in socio-economic development. Upon this, the town has always maintained socio-economic development, ensuring the local political stability and social safety-order.

To fulfill the targets of the resolution of the local People’s Council this year, the town’s Party Committee has put forward specific solutions in line with the local real situation. Particularly, the town has instructed sectors, communes, wards to concentrate on implementing provincial People’s Committee’s Directive No.05/CT-UBND dated March 13, 2019 on launching an emulation movement to victoriously realize tasks on socio-economic development, national defence-security in 2019; been drastic to successfully carry out tasks on socio-economic development, national defence-security in 2019.

Such these apart, the town’s People’s Committee will continue effectively realizing policies on social welfare; well implement policies on poverty reduction for the 2018-2020 period under the province’s new poverty line. Especially, the town in the first half of the year organized a dialogue between leader of the town, trade union officials and laborers; bent on fulfilling construction of material facilities for the 2019-2020 new academic year…The town’s public capital disbursement value was VND200billion or 50% of the set plan. The town also made efforts to hasten the process of construction of key projects, works…

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by K.T

Tan Uyen
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