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Thuan An bound for a civilized urban area

Update: 19-11-2019 | 11:47:25

In 2017, Thuan An town was recognized as a third-class urban area of the province. The town has recently outlined and implemented a variety of programs, projects on urban rejuvenation with appropriate steps towards a civilized and modern city.

Efforts to improve people’s quality of life

After being recognized as a third-class urban area, Thuan An town has reached a vigorous step in urban development. The town’s urban infrastructure system has got more spacious and modern with 100% of streets under the management of the city covered by asphalt. The town has also paid more attention to building schools, health facilities, cultural-sports works at people’s demand…

Lai Thieu is one of the town’s top wards in realizing the “Civilized city” movement. Pham Phu Nam, Chairman of the ward’s People’s Committee said that the local people have actively responded to the movement. So far, ward-based streets have been upgraded, creating a highlight for the local urban development and facilitating the local people’s traveling. The ward has also instructed all quarters to uphold their internal force in building many other large works on urban rejuvenation and infrastructure.

Many other localities in the town have also step by step standardized their infrastructure facilities; formed up cultural behaviors, civilized urban lifestyle through improving the quality of “cultural family, quarter” movements and many other cultural-sports movements.

Under the plan, the town has coordinated with the local Fatherland Front Committee and mass organizations to focus on disseminating the movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle” in association with the campaign of “All people consolidate to build civilized urban and new-style rural areas” by many forms, aim to change public awareness in civilized urban lifestyle construction. The town has till now had 13 quarters registering to carry out the “quarter without waste” model; 3 town-level civilized urban streets and 20 ward-level streets; bent on pilot dissemination of civilized urban lifestyle in wedding and funeral in two wards of Lai Thieu and Hung Dinh…As planned, the town will strive to have 4 wards, namely Lai Thieu, Hung Dinh, Binh Chuan and Vinh Phu, with civilized urban criteria…

Bound for a civilized urban area

Under the Resolution of the 11th local Party Congress for the 2015-2020 tenure, since early 2016, the town’s Party Committee has set targets on socio-economic development that are higher than that of the previous years. Accordingly, the town has concentrated on mobilizing all resources for infrastructure construction and urban development; promoted production models; well realized tasks on socio-economic development…

The town has also attached special importance to administrative reform; well realized site clearance, land management; especially enhanced the quality of human resources; been drastic in improving officials, Party members’ working lifestyle…Do Thanh Tam, Secretary of the town’s Party Committee said that the town has bent on infrastructure construction, step by step helping Thuan An reach its urban development in accordance with the province’s urban development plan, thereby contributing to increasing the quality of people’s life. So far, the town has basically fulfilled criteria of a second-class urban area and outlined a scheme on the foundation of Thuan An city under the management of the province.

With high determination plus drastic and concrete solutions, the town will successfully carry out the set targets in 2019 and the following years. This is also the foundation for the town to become a civilized and modern city of the province…

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by K.T

Thuan An
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