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Towards civilized, modern Thuan An city

Update: 19-10-2020 | 11:21:13

Under the movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle”, sectors and authorities at all levels of Thuan An city actively mobilized the local people to well realize the Party’s guidelines, policies and the State’s laws towards a civilized and modern city over the past time.

Attaching special importance to cultural movements

Over the past time, Thuan An city promoted cultural movements and reached high results with focus on building up cultural families.

Sectors, mass organizations at all levels of Thuan An city get involved in the movement of the local cultural lifestyle construction

Nguyen Van Dam, Deputy Head of the city’s Division of Culture and Information said that the city’s Steering Board of the “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle” movement and its branches paid more attention to selecting and honoring outstanding cultural families, contributing to developing cultural families and improving the quality of the movement. Particularly, the whole city had a total of 16,365 cultural families or 77.95% of total in 2000 and the figure in 2019 was 38,606 or 97.7% of total. In the process of realizing the movement, the city bent on improving the quality of cultural families via models on domestic violence prevention, education of Vietnamese families ‘moral lifestyle…

The city also focused on building cultural quarters, hamlets, agencies, units and businesses. As a result, there were 38,606 cultural lodging facilities in 2019 or 95.3% of total, up 35,723 compared to that of 2010. In 2000, the whole city had a total of 6 agencies, units meeting cultural criteria, but the figure amounted to 349 in 2019.

Civilized urban construction promoted

Along with cultural movements, Thuan An city put focus on civilized urban lifestyle construction over the past time. During the 2017-2020 period, the city attached special importance to building the models of “quarter without waste”, “civilized alley”… The city has so far had a total of 3 wards reaching civilized urban criteria, including Lai Thieu, Hung Dinh and Vinh Phu. An Son has been recognized as a new-style rural commune. In 2020, the city has concentrated on further carrying out models, namely “quarter without waste”, “civilized street”, “civilized market”… The local functional agencies also tightened control over traffic safety and urban order.

2020 is the “urban civilization and cultural” year of the city. Hence, the city has mobilized the local people to actively realize a target of cultural investment, creating a new change in awareness and responsibility of each sector, each resident for civilized urban and cultural lifestyle construction. The city has attached special importance to commending and rewarding outstanding localities, units in this field.

Mr.Dam said that the efforts by the local functional forces in restoring urban order have contributed to raising public awareness; made pavements, streets cleaner and nicer. Thanks to receiving enthusiastic response from people from all strata, the movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle” has upheld its efficiency with contents implemented widely and deeply in the residential community, becoming the order and discipline in agencies, units and residential areas…

In the coming time, the city will further enhance the quality of the movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle” while associating the movement with urban civilized construction…, contributing to building up a more and more sustainable Thuan An on the way of development, he added.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by K.T


Thuan An
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