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Trade Union, firm mainstay of needy laborers

Update: 23-09-2020 | 11:24:13

When laborers face difficulties in work and life, trade union locals are a place offering help to them. Hence, establishing trade union locals and improving the quality of trade union activities is seen as a major task done by trade unions at all levels of the province.

Over 1,000 trade union locals set up

In the tenure, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has entrusted provincial Labor Union with a target of developing 116,000 trade unionists and setting up 700 trade unionists in accordance with some relevant programs.

Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran, Vice-Chairwoman of provincial Labor Union visits, offers gifts to needy laborers

Accordingly, trade unions at all levels of the province have made efforts in carrying out the above target. So far, there have been 95% of non-State businesses having 30 laborers and above with trade union locals. The province has also admitted additional 196,290 trade unionists, beyond 69.2% of the target of the Resolution of the 9th congress; established 1,102 trade union locals, two years earlier than the set target. The whole province is now home to 3,196 trade union locals in non-State businesses or 74.4% of the total number of the local trade union locals, with 691,881 trade unionists out of 757,206 civil servants and laborers. The rate of trade unionists in trade union locals of the State sector is 97% while the rate of the non-State sector is 91%.

Truong Thi Bich Hanh, Chairman of provincial Labor Union said that over the past five years, trade unions at all levels of the province held 731 training courses for more than 150,000 trade union officials, thereby contributing to improving the effectiveness of trade union activities…

Protecting laborers ‘rights and interests

Over the past years, trade unions at all levels of the province collected civil servants and laborers ‘aspirations; actively researched and took part in making policies relating to laborers and trade union;  advised provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee on promulgating support policies for laborers…

They also implemented many specific activities to strengthen coordination between relevant sides in labor relationship; carried out democratic regulations at workplace; gave legal consultancy for laborers and took part in dealing with labor disputes. In addition, they coordinated with the local administration to step by step improve the quality of staff ‘conferences and dialogues at workplaces as stipulated…, thereby enhancing their role in labor relationship building.

Besides, they organized dialogues between the local leaders, laborers and trade union officials, aiming to offer timely support to laborers; attached special importance to improving the quality of collective labor deals. As of now, as many as 1,366 businesses in the province have reached collective labor deals or 56.3% of total…

Reported by Quang Tam-Translated by K.T

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