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Unicorn-lion-dragon dance festival to take place on January 7 of lunar calendar

Update: 12-01-2017 | 14:40:40

Provincial Center for Culture and Movie is expected to organize the 2017 provincial Unicorn-Lion-Dragon Dance Festival from February 3 to 5 (January 7 to 9 of lunar calendar), with the participation of 15 unicorn-lion-dragon clubs from TDM city, Thuan An, Di An, Ben Cat towns, North Tan Uyen district and 4 Chinese groups.

This is a chance for unicorn-lion-dragon clubs in the province to exchange and share experience in performance skills, thereby serving the local people’s demand for entertainment on the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival 2017.

Reported by Minh Hieu-Translated by K.T

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