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Uniting, gathering young workers: Effectiveness from good ways

Update: 20-11-2020 | 11:07:59

With good ways in the task of uniting, gathering young workers, Thuan An city’s Organizing Board of the Project on uniting, gathering young workers and its branches have so far gathered more than 20,000 young workers.

Care, education and propaganda

Truong Van Khanh, Vice-Secretary of Thuan An city’s Youth Union, Chairman of the city’s Youth Federation, Deputy Head of the city’s Project on uniting and gathering young workers said that the project reached considerable results in the 2016-2020 period.

Accordingly, the city’s Organizing Board of the Project focused on propaganda and education via the meetings of the Youth Union branches, the Youth Union’s information channels like website: Binh Duong youth, social network, Binh Duong Daily…The Organizing Board of the Project also maintained the models of “Youth bookcase”, “Youth news-bulletin”, “Legal bag” at lodging facilities…Especially, the Organizing Board of the Project developed its core staff at grassroots level for better development…

To well realize a task of taking care of young workers, the Organizing Board of the Project maintained effective models and implemented more effective models to give comprehensive care for young workers. For example, the annual “Tet meal” program helped young workers who could not return home for Tet to get warmness from informal meals on their second homeland Binh Duong.

The Organizing Board of the Project also donated “dream” rooms, gifts to young workers on Tet and great holidays, helping them keep their mind on work. In addition, the city organized charity classes for the offspring of young workers at lodging facilities; set up clubs on free haircut and held weekend playgrounds for them…

Support policies

Mr.Khanh said that the success of the project came from the efforts by cadres of the project, heads of sub-unions for young workers…Accordingly, the city’s Organizing Board of the Project also realized many forms encouraging the targeted people while organizing training courses for them; offered gifts to them on Tet and great holidays…

Possibly speaking, the city’s care activities for young workers and those who are in charge of uniting and gathering young workers has contributed to forming up sentiment among workers living away from home, joining hands in building up a more and more civilized, prosperous Thuan An homeland.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu-Translated by K.T

good ways
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