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VGU grants graduation certificates to 183 bachelors, masters

Update: 24-11-2020 | 11:33:30

Vietnamese-German University (VGU) has just held a graduation ceremony while opening the 2020-2021 new academic year, in attendance of Dr.Josefine Wallat, German Consulate General in Vietnam, representatives of sectors and partners, the school’s management board together with the school’s students and parents.

At the ceremony, VGU granted graduation certificates to 183 bachelors, masters in majors; awarded 200 scholarships to students affected by Covid-19 pandemic and floods…Also on this occasion, the school welcomed nearly 400 fresh students, 50% of whom have IELTS 6.0 score.

The school now has a total of 11 majors at university and postgraduate levels with 1,300 students. So far, the school has trained 8 student generations, supplying hi-quality human resources, serving the development process of the country in the intensified period of industrialization, modernination and international integration.

Reported by Xuan Thi-Translated by K.T

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