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Vietnamese goods get more pervasive

Update: 09-10-2019 | 12:01:01

Under the campaign of “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”, Phu Giao district over the past time instructed functional sectors to coordinate with authorities, sectors and localities to actively realize many programs bringing Vietnamese goods to people. So far, the campaign has created strong pervasion, helping Vietnamese goods win people’s faith.

Market-days of Vietnamese goods

Nguyen Tan Long, Deputy Head of Phu Giao district’s Division of Economics said that over the past time, the unit regularly coordinated with functional sectors, enterprises to organize a variety of market-days bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas. Through these market-days, the local people had a chance to get assess to hi-quality Vietnamese goods with reasonable price.

Customers at a market-day of Vietnamese goods in Phu Giao district

On average, each market-day absorbed more than 20 enterprises in and out of the province with essential commodities displayed and sold at people’s demand for shopping with 5%-20% discounts on each product. It also lured around 3,000 visitors.

Through these market-days, Le Thi Hien, a resident in Tan Long commune’s hamlet 2 realized that Vietnamese goods are very good with eye-catching pattern and reasonable price. She has completely trusted on the quality of domestic goods. She has also mobilized her relatives and friends to actively use Vietnamese goods.

Hi-quality products needed

Nguyen Anh Dung, Chairman of Tan Long commune said that this is the furthest commune of Phu Giao district. Hence, market-days of Vietnamese goods organized in the commune over the past time were a chance for the local people to get access to Vietnamese goods.

For getting more successful, these market-days need to be held at the proper time. Products at booths also need to be diverse at the people’s demand for shopping.

Mr.Long said that over the past time, the district effectively organized market-days of Vietnamese goods. More importantly, there was a change in people’s awareness of Vietnamese goods. For Vietnamese goods further getting pervasive, the district’s Division of Economics will advise the district’s People’s Committee on instructing functional agencies to hold symposia, meetings with enterprises, cooperatives in order to opportunely deal with obstacles…

The district’s Division of Economics will also strengthen inspection, monitoring and seriously penalize cases relating to trade fraud; actively make dissemination of information about the quality of Vietnamese goods, mobilize enterprises to improve their products’ quality at people’s needs and requirements for export. In addition, the unit will mobilize small traders to actively get involved in Vietnamese goods; organize many programs bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas…

Reported by Hoai Phuong-Translated by K.T

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