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Vocational training for rural laborers in new-style rural construction

Update: 14-08-2020 | 10:35:09

Over the past 10 years, Di An city paid more attention to vocational training for rural laborers in the local process of new-style rural construction and reached considerable results.

Creating jobs for learners

Di An city absorbed thousands of enterprises over the past years, generating jobs for hundreds of thousands of laborers. Along with advantages, the city faced many obstacles in social welfare, due to population growth.

Rural laborers under flower arrangement training

Therefore, implementing the city’s project on giving vocational training for rural laborers under the PM’s Decision No.1956/QD-TTg was very necessary and effective. In the 2010-2015 period, the city gave vocational training for 694 rural laborers or 115.66% of the set plan. The number of rural laborers trained in the 2016-2019 reached 641 or 106.8% of the set plan. The city has also strived to get 120 rural laborers trained in 2020 or 100% of the set plan.

The above results came from the efforts by the city’s People’s Committee in strengthening the steering board of the project, making plans on vocational training at primary level and under 3 months in accordance with the list approved by provincial People’s Committee…, according to Tran Van Hop, Head of the city’s Division of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

In the period of new-style rural construction, the city continued boosting vocational training towards skills in line with the local real demand, bringing the highest effectiveness to learners. Mr.Hop said that this was a right way, contributing to hastening the local progress of new-style rural construction over the past time.

Diverse programs, policies on vocational training

Under the above project on vocational training, Di An city has well realized many preferential policies for rural laborers while supporting loans from the city-based branch of the Bank for Social Policies for them in order to get stable jobs after being trained, thereby minimizing the number of the jobless and helping the local poor households rise out of poverty.

The city has also implemented a variety of synchronous solutions to improve the quality of vocational training at society’s demand. With the motto of “Study goes as a pair with practice”, “Training in association with society’s demand”, the city’s vocational training for rural laborers  gained considerable results over the past time. Many rural laborers also got stable jobs and incomes after attending the local short-term vocational training courses….

Possibly speaking, vocational training for rural laborers in association with generating jobs for them is seen as a sustainable way, helping the city soon fulfill its criterion on income in a set of new criteria on new-style rural construction. Mr.Hop added that the city will further intensify propaganda activities on the Party, State and province’s policies on vocational training for rural laborers, raising public awareness of this field, contributing to reducing poverty and promoting the local process of new-style rural construction; realize vocational training in association with labor market and enterprises’needs; purchase more training equipment and give training for teaching staff, enhancing the quality of vocational training; strengthen inspection, supervision over the realization of the local plans on vocational training for rural laborers.

Reported by Tuong Vy-Translated by K.T

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