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VSIP 1 attaches special importance to environmental protection

Update: 03-12-2019 | 11:49:02

Province-based industrial parks (Ips) significantly contributed to the local socio-economic development over the past time. But, their activities have also had implicit risks relating to the environment. Hence, provincial Police Agency’s environmental protection at these Ips has played an important role in ensuring order and security, creating favorable conditions for the local economic development.

The whole province is now home to 29 Ips with more than 25,000 enterprises operating in many other business scopes: weaving-dyeing, electronics, mechanism, garment, footwear...During the operational process, they have created industrial waste with risks causing environmental pollution.

Provincial Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Police Force surveying a waste water discharge system in VSIP 1

Over the past time, provincial Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Department attached special importance to taking synchronous solutions on environmental protection at these Ips and gained some important results.

Phan Minh Tuan, Deputy Head of provincial Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Department said that enterprises in VSIP 1 have well observed regulations on environmental protection. Most Ips in the province have built their concentrated waste treatment systems with big capacity.

VSIP 1 in Thuan An town’s Binh Hoa ward is one of province-based Ips well realizing environmental protection. It is known that VSIP 1 has given priority to building up a nice, clean and green IP right from being established. So far, VSIP 1 has been very successful with the nicest, cleanest and greenest IP projects in Vietnam.

To obtain the above achievement, VSIP 1 has implemented many measures on management and prevention of environmental pollution, including collecting all waste water from enterprises for treatment under national standards; installing a surveillance system on the quality of waste water….

Along with provincial Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Department, the Management Board of the VSIP has always attached special importance to carrying out tours on environmental inspection at enterprises for timely settlement. Over the past time, VSIP 1 coordinated with provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Management Board of the VSIP and localities to disseminate new regulations on environmental protection among enterprises. It also realized many campaigns on propaganda of the environment, contributing to raising public awareness of environmental protection.

Yoshifumi Shinogi, General Director of Nitto Denko Vietnam Company said that his company has always obeyed the Vietnamese law in waste treatment and so far built a standard waste water treatment system. The company has also researched and used clean materials that can be recycled in order to minimize waste…

Reported by Nguyen Phung-Thanh Quang-Translated by K.T

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