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Warm Tet on Phu Giao homeland

Update: 16-01-2020 | 11:01:59

On the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival 2020, Phu Giao district’s authorities, sectors and mass organizations at all levels have organized delegations to visit and offer Tet gifts to the local policy beneficiaries, bringing them a warmer Tet.

Joining hands to take care of policies beneficiaries on Tet

In mid-December, 2019, Phu Giao district promulgated a plan on visiting, presenting Tet gifts to the local policy beneficiaries and revolutionary contributors. Along with central gifts, the district extracted the local State budget to visit and offer gifts to poor households, policy beneficiary families. The district also donated gifts worth VND1.5million each to Party members who won the 40-year Party membership insignia.

Nguyen Hoang Chau, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Chief of provincial Party Committee’s Inspection Commission and Tran Hong Dung, Vice-Chairwoman of Phu Giao district’s People’s Committee visit, extend Tet greetings and offer gifts to martyr’s wife Tran Thi Hia in Phuoc Hoa commune

The district has also mobilized social resources to take care of the local policy beneficiary families, poor households and children with difficult circumstances on Tet. With the effort, 100% of the local policy beneficiary families, poor and near-poor households, disabled people and children with extremely difficult circumstances are given Tet gifts.

Nguyen Anh Vu, Chairman of Tam Lap communal People’s Committee said that the whole commune now has 34 policy beneficiaries, revolutionary contributors. The district and the commune also organized delegations to visit and offer Tet gifts worth VND62million to 34 policy beneficiary families. In addition, the commune mobilized organizations, individuals to visit, offer 90 gifts worth VND1million each to the local poor households and disadvantaged people.

Cao Thanh Xuan, Head of Phu Giao district’s Fatherland Front Committee said that paying debt of gratitude is one of significant deeds regularly done by the district. On the annual Tet festival, the district has always paid attention to taking care of and offering Tet gifts to the local policy beneficiaries…

Tet of gratefulness

The district’s sectors and mass organizations have been proactive to grasp the lives of policy beneficiaries, especially those with difficult circumstances, heroic Vietnamese mothers for good care on the Tet festival 2020.

Along with gifts allocated, localities have actively mobilized organizations, enterprises and individuals to support gifts for policy beneficiary families, revolutionary contributors, poor people and workers who are not able to return home for Tet. They will visit and present Tet gifts to heroic Vietnamese mothers, policy beneficiary families with difficult circumstances.

The district’s Youth Union has also planned to take care of war invalids-martyrs ‘families, heroic Vietnamese mothers with lonely circumstances; organize some delegations to enjoy Tet with policy beneficiary families on Lunar New Year’s Eve or clean up martyrs ‘cemeteries…

As of now, the district’s delegations have visited and offered 1,938 gifts worth more than VND1.8billion from the local State budget to policy beneficiaries, poor households and workers who are not able to return home for Tet, contributing to bringing them a warm Tet.

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

Warm Tet
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