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Women support each other in surmounting difficulties

Update: 15-07-2020 | 13:55:42

Over the past 5 years, members of provincial Women’s Union got involved in many patriotic emulation movements. They created positive impacts on others by passion in working creatively and compassion, becoming fragrant flowers in the local patriotic emulation flower garden…

Sweet fruits from movements

In late June, provincial Women’s Union forwarded a conference to honor outstanding individuals in all fields. Over the past five years, the local Women’s Union was proactive to direct cadres and members to well realize commendation and reward, mobilize cadres and members to actively respond to patriotic emulation movements launched by provincial People’s Committee and the Central Committee of Vietnam Women’s Union.

Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, Chairwoman of provincial Women’s Union said that provincial Women’s Unions at all levels focused on some emulation movements, namely “Women actively study, creatively work and build up happy families”, “Training women’s virtues: self-confidence, self-respect, loyalty and responsibility”, “Building up family with 5 No-s and 3 Clean-s”, in association with studying and following late President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and lifestyle.

Provincial Women’s Union also maintained “law bookcase”, “mobile bookcase” models at lodging sub-unions for female workers with more than 6,000 copies of book, contributing to improving the local women’s knowledge. In addition, members of provincial Women’s Union at all levels actively helped each other in economic development. The whole province is now home to 127 women’s clubs, groups with nearly 28,730 members. Provincial Women’s Unions at all levels also supported 190 women to successfully realize their startup ideas by many forms with more than VND5.7billion…

During the past five years, provincial Women’s Job Placement Center introduced vocational training and jobs to 12,934 female laborers; opened 334 classes on vocational training for 4,304 female learners. There were over 23,000 women providing more than VND53billion in loan for 20,000 needy ones; more than 99% of women reaching criteria of the “Building up family with 5 No-s and 3 Clean-s” campaign. Noticeably, patriotic emulation movements implemented by provincial Women’s Unions at all levels contributed to helping Binh Duong be among the country’s 8 provinces and cities reaching 100% of new-style rural communes, 1 commune reaching high-quality criteria of new-style rural construction…Women’s Union branches from provincial People’s Court, People’s Procuracy, Department of Justice also actively gave legal support for the local women…

Pervasive strength

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nga, Chairwoman of TDM city’s Women’s Union said that so far, members of the local Women’s Union have so far cleaned up and decorated 200 streets, canals, practically contributing to building up a clean, nice and civilized city. Over the past time, they also actively engaged in activities free of charge at the annual Thien Hau Lady Temple festival…

Whilst, many other Women’s Union branches also created practical models for women, helping them rise up in life and raise their awareness of environmental protection.

It is known that provincial Women’s union now has a total of 75 officialbusinesswomen members and 6 honorable businesswomen members. In the 2013-2015 tenure, they contributed nearly VND5billion to social charity activities, including building 34 charity houses, supporting poor-but-excellent pupils, constructing 9 bridges for communes in the Mekong Delta region, providing free medical check-ups, medicine for thousands of patients in remote areas…In the new tenure, provincial Businesswomen’s Association will strive to build 100 houses of compassion with total expense estimated at more than VND10billion, contributing to ensuring the local social welfare.

Over the past five years, provincial Women’s Unions at all levels recommended 1,038 outstanding members to the Communist Party of Vietnam, aim to create a source for the local development of female cadres.

Reported by Quynh Nhu-Translated by K.T

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