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Workers’Month 2020: Taking action to share difficulties with workers

Update: 25-05-2020 | 16:42:44

Provincial Youth Union will implement many practical activities to improve the spiritual and material lives of workers during the Workers ‘Month 2020.

Accordingly, provincial Youth Union has coordinated with provincial Young Entrepreneurs ‘Association, Young Physicians ‘Association and instructed units under provincial Youth Federation to mobilize all social resources to realize a support program for young workers via such concrete activities as offering gifts, organizing goods selling booths with basic prices, “zero dong”  supermarkets…Provincial Youth Union has also worked with provincial Support Center for Young Workers, Center for Youth Activities to introduce models on part-time and seasonable jobs; carry out job introduction and consultancy…for young workers.

The program of “Connecting love” kitchen is organized by provincial Support Center for Young Workers

Do Van Phung, Director of provincial Support Center for Young Workers said that the center has just organized a program “Joyful Sunday-Law dissemination” among young workers. The program provided young workers with knowledge on drug prevention. The center also organized a mass birthday party in May, offered gifts to members of clubs connecting young workers, coordinated with Ben Cat town’s Division of Judiciary to disseminate policies on social insurance and support ones for people facing difficulties, due to Covid-19 pandemic…

Also according to Mr.Phung, provincial Support Center for Young Workers will host a series of provincial-level activities taking care of young workers such as organizing “Zero dong” booths, 5 programs on legal consultancy, reproductive health and drug prevention at clubs connecting young workers…In addition, the center will carry out programs, namely “Beloved breakfast”, “Connecting love” kitchen, “Zero dong” booth…, absorbing the participation of numerous young workers.

Tran Bao Lam, Vice-Secretary of provincial Youth Union said that provincial Youth Union Standing Committee has set up a plan on the organization of the program “Thousand of gift baskets sharing love”, aiming to offer help to jobless workers. On May 24, provincial Youth Union will kick off a program “giving strengthen to young workers” at provincial Youth Volunteer Squad with such practical activities as honoring outstanding young workers, organizing booths on job consultancy, introduction…

Reported by K.Tuyen-Translated by K.T

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