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Youth strength of March

Update: 28-03-2020 | 11:05:42

As of now, youngsters in Binh Duong province have had a March-the Youth Month with significant activities and works. Provincial Youth Unions at all levels have made practical contributions to education for Youth Union members, upheld the voluntary spirit of Youth members for the sake of the community, actively got involved in Covid-19 prevention and environmental protection.

Tran Bao Lam, Vice-Secretary of provincial Youth Union said that the goal of this year’s Youth Month is to arouse the pride of the glorious tradition of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU) in each official, Youth Union member, youth while creating an animated emulation movement in celebration of the 90th founding anniversary of the CPV (February 3, 1930-February 3, 2020) and the 89th founding anniversary of the HCMCYU (March 26, 1931-March 26, 2020). Provincial Youth Unions at all levels have focused on their operational quality in association with realizing the Resolution of Youth Union congresses at all levels, the Resolution of the 10th provincial Youth Union congress and the Resolution of the 11th national Youth Union congress.

The Youth Union of provincial Police Agency in collaboration with Tan Uyen town’s Youth Union donated a house-repairing work to a needy household in Bach Dang commune

During the Youth Month 2020, provincial Youth Unions at all levels have actively propagandized the history and tradition of the HCMCYU and Party congresses at all levels towards the 11th provincial Party congress, the 13th national Party congress. They have also organized programs “Binh Duong’s youth with faithful trust in the Party”, journeys “Following the tradition for sustainable future”, meetings with officials having 40, 50-year Party memberships…

This year’s Youth Month has taken place animatedly with activities in line with the local real situation, well complying regulations in Covid-19 prevention. Provincial Youth Unions at all levels have upheld the voluntary spirit of Youth Union members in realizing practical works and deeds, thereby contributing to well fulfilling the local political and professional tasks.

Noticeably, the local Youth Union members have actively taken part in new-style rural construction with models, namely “Lighting rural road”, “Voluntary Saturday”, “Green Sunday”, “Youth flower street”…They have also engaged activities in environmental protection in urban areas of the province.

In terms of social welfare, provincial Youth Unions at all levels have donated houses of compassion, “red scarf” houses; built playgrounds for children; delivered propaganda leaflets on Covid-19 prevention and free face masks to the local people…during the Youth Month.

They have also got animated with uniting, gathering youngsters via festivals for Youth Union members; admitting additional new Youth Union members and recommending outstanding Youth Union members to the CPV; promoting the establishment of Youth Union and associations at non-State businesses. The above results will continue upholding the strength of great youth unity bloc in all aspects in order to build up a more powerful Youth Union….

Reported by K.Tuyen-Translated by K.T

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