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Youths in TDM city voluntarily get involved in socio-economic development

Update: 12-08-2019 | 11:57:46

Reportedly, TDM city’s Youth Federation widely and deeply implemented youth movements among its branches during the 2014-2019 tenure. With practical and creative forms in line with the local socio-economic situation, the federation’s movements in the last tenure absorbed the participation of numerous youths.

Youths with voluntary activities

In the last tenure, TDM city’s Youth Federation and its branches propagandized and mobilized members to actively take part in voluntary activities for the sake of the community, thereby contributing to realizing policies on social welfare in needy areas.

TDM city’s Youth Union members visit a safe vegetable growing model on the 2019 training course on sci-tech transfer

Over the past five years, the city’s Youth Federation mobilized organizations, individuals to support VND500million for construction of 10 houses of compassion for poor members in wards of Phu My, Hiep An, Dinh Hoa, Chanh Nghia, Phu Tho, Tan An…The city’s Youth Federation also mobilized members to give more than 2,500 units of blood; provided free medical check-ups, medicine for 2,950 patients, teenagers, children, ethnic minority people and young workers with difficult circumstances…

In addition, the city’s Youth Federation and its branches organized more than 500 voluntary Saturdays and green Sundays; set up 19 civilized alleys, absorbing 25,000 members. Noticeably, the city’s Youth Federation held 5 “voluntary spring” campaigns with many significant activities…

Under the emulation movement of “youths setting up their position in life, themselves up in business”, the city’s Youth Federation and its branches organized many practical programs, including visiting effective models, opening training courses on sci-tech transfer, supporting loans for economic development, offering help to privileged pupils, maintaining charity classes…They also attached special importance to member admission, especially for young workers at non-State enterprises or those at lodging facilities. In the last tenure, they admitted additional 5,100 members…

Volunteer, creation

With the slogan of “Youths in TDM city unite, volunteer and integrate, contributing to building up a civilized, prosperous and beautiful city”, TDM city’s Youth Federation will strive to get 100% of branches with effective models on converting and helping backward youths; effectively maintain streets managed by youths under green, clean and beautiful criteria…The city’s Youth Federation will also try to have 100% of branches with 2 models, works on civilized urban and cultural lifestyle…

Nguyen Minh Huy, Vice-Secretary of TDM city’s Party Committee, Chairman of the city’s Youth Federation said that in the new tenure, the city’s Youth Federation will organize 5 courses on vocational training, sci-tech transfer in association with the movement of “youth start-up, creation”; organize 5 programs on “Voluntary day for the sentimental attachment to border areas, islands”, visit and donate youth works to border soldiers; hold 5 “charity bus for community’s health” programs; provide free medical check-up, medicine for people; mobilize organizations, individuals to construct 10 houses of compassion; build 14 “green” lodging facilities under the “model lodging facility” model. “Youth works, deeds in the new tenure will continue being the beautiful hallmark of the city’s youths for solidarity, volunteer to develop “, he added.

            Reported by Kim Tuyen-Translated by K.T

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