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Ben Cat and efforts to develop comprehensive education

Update: 23-04-2024 | 12:35:40

In order to meet teaching and learning requirements, improve quality, and comprehensively innovate in education, in recent times, Ben Cat Town has focused resources to improve the quality of comprehensive education and achieve good results.

The school system in Ben Cat town is increasingly spacious and modern, meeting the needs of teaching and learning well.

Invest in facilities

In recent times, along with attention to economic development, Ben Cat Town has made many efforts to improve the quality of education in the area, in which investment in physical facilities for education is always prioritized by Ben Cat Town. In order to meet teaching and learning requirements, improve quality, and comprehensively innovate education, Ben Cat Town has focused resources on repairing, renovating, building new schools, and purchasing equipment for schools. As a result, Ben Cat Town has a spacious school system, the quality of teaching and learning is increasingly improved, contributing to improving the quality of comprehensive education.

My Thanh Junior High School (My Phuoc ward) is a new school built from the 2022-2023 school year including 1 ground floor, 3 floors, with 46 classrooms, lab rooms, playgrounds, sports fields, restrooms, information technology system with Internet connection... meeting management and teaching requirements. Nguyen Van Giau, Principal of the school, said that the newly built spacious school is a motivation for the whole school to well implement the emulation movement of good teaching, good learning, and improving the quality of education. In particular, the school received recognition of level-one national standards and level-two education quality accreditation. This is the motivation for teachers and students to continue striving to improve the school's educational quality more comprehensively.

Currently, public schools at all levels mostly meet national standards, with facilities and basic equipment to meet the needs of learning and improving knowledge in the area. In addition, Ben Cat Town continues to direct agencies to research the investment portfolio of schools for the period 2021-2025 to have solutions and plans to adjust investment portfolios in accordance with actual conditions and high efficiency; conduct surveys, select and arrange land funds to invest in schools in industrial parks and residential areas in the area to meet local teaching and learning needs in the coming time.

Nguyen Phu Hai, Head of Education and Training Office of Ben Cat Town, said that Ben Cat is a locality with a large increase in the number of students each year. To meet the learning demands of the people, every year the Town Office of Education and Training organizes inspections and reviews of the current state of facilities at each school; advise the Town People's Committee to allocate funds for maintenance, repair and new construction of degraded, damaged or missing items, and purchase equipment for schools.

 Improve the quality of comprehensive education

In recent years, the education and training sector of Ben Cat Town has synchronously implemented solutions such as regulating order and discipline; innovate teaching and learning methods; promote the emulation movement of good teaching, good learning; building an education system with synchronous and comprehensive development at all levels. In particular, the town focuses on innovating teaching methods and assessing student quality, improving the quality of human resources in the education sector...

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the education sector and the attention of the local government, the comprehensive educational quality of Ben Cat Town has been significantly improved. The schools have made efforts and creativity to overcome difficulties, promoting the emulation movement of good teaching, good learning, and successful completion of the school year's tasks. Namely, at the end of the 2022-2023 school year, the rate of students graduating from junior high schools reached 98.53%, an increase of 0.73% compared to the previous school year; The rate of kindergarten children reached 57.8%; The mobilization rate for preschool children reached 97.5%, of which 5-year-old children reached 100%... Teachers and staff gradually matches their training level and job position, basically meeting the implementation of general education program 2018.

“The education sector of Ben Cat town is striving to achieve the goal of further improving the quality of comprehensive education. In the coming time, the town's education sector will continue to review, plan and develop the school network; strengthen facilities and teaching equipment to meet the conditions for implementing the 2018 General Education Program. On the other hand, the town will improve the quality and standardize the team of teachers and educational administrators at all levels; effectively implement preschool education, general education and continuing education programs, contributing to the further development of local education", Hai added.

 Reported by H.Phuong, T.Tien - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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