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Phu Giao’s People's Council verifies adjustment, supplementation of local construction plan until 2040

Update: 29-02-2024 | 11:50:28

Early February 28, the Socio-Economic Committee of Phu Giao district’s People's Council held a review of the report and draft resolution on adjusting and supplementing the contents of the district’s People's Council's resolutions on the district's regional construction plan until 2024.

The district’s construction plan until 2040 includes the entire administrative boundary of the district, with an area of ​​more than 54,443 hectares. The district's regional development model includes 1 center and 2 development corridors. Particularly, the central area is Phuoc Vinh town - the urban nuclear, with the concentration of works on administrative and political center, services, commerce, education - training, health, sports, culture, green parks... and urban population in An Binh, Tam Lap, Vinh Hoa communes. The two development corridors are the agricultural corridor along the Be River in the West and the nature conservation corridor in the East. The district’s orientation for organizing regional spatial development until 2040 includes 3 development regions, including region 1 as the central industrial - urban area; region 2 as the agricultural area along the Be River; region 3 as the nature conservation area.

Concluding at the appraisal session, Vu Thi Kim Lan, Head of the Economic and Social Committee of the district’s People's Council requested the district’s Urban Management Department to receive contributive ideas from delegates to adjust and complete contents in line with the actual situation, serving as a basis for submission to the district’s People's Council for consideration and decision.

Reported by Hai Sam-Translated by Kim Tin

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