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The province prepares hospital beds, sets up field hospitals

Update: 15-05-2021 | 12:20:20

 Due to the complicated situation of COVID-19, provincial Department of Health demanded Provincial General Hospital, Health Centers of districts, towns and cities to develop preparation plan for hospital bed and set up field hospitals for COVID-19 medical treatment.

Provincial General Hospital, based on Official Letter No. 3835/BYT-KHTC of Ministry of Health and the actual situation in the province, has adjusted and supplemented the plan to arrange a field hospital at their second facility with about 100 sickbeds and be ready to expand to 200 beds when needed. Medical centers of districts, towns and cities, based on instructions and their actual situation, need to advise leaders to develop a plan for a local field hospital with at least 50 beds ad be ready to open up to 100 beds when needed. Time to complete the plan at Provincial General Hospital is before May 25; at Medical Centers is before May 31. Department of Health requires these units to seriously and urgently implement the direction with high results.

Reported by Hoang Linh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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