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Connection should be established to construct a smart city

Update: 18-06-2019 | 11:31:21

Currently, many cities in the world have developed smart cities and have been effective. For Binh Duong province, the construction of a smart city is based on the Binh Duong socio-economic development scheme, implemented according to the triple helix model (state - school - entrepreneur), towards smart urban. This can be considered as a step of the province in fulfilling its industrialization and modernization objectives. However, according to experts, the construction of a smart city needs time, appropriate direction and has made many proposals for Binh Duong to build a smart city.

According to experts, building a smart city needs the cooperation of the people and the social community. In the photo: The Second Binh Duong Smart City Conference - 2017 attracted the attention and participation of many scientists, businesses, and universities. Photo: Hoang Pham

Participation of people and social community

Binh Duong implemented smart cities on the "3 houses" model. However, experts believe that building a smart city needs the hands of the people. Associate Professor - Dr. Phan Minh Tan, former Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology - lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University, said that when building a smart city, it is necessary to confirm what to do as a smart city; What is the goal of building a smart city; What benefits do people get, what problems can be improved? When people realize that there is a benefit, they will participate in building a smart city. The ultimate goal of building a smart city is to improve the quality of life of people, a good living environment, including a safe, social and economic environment.

Along with that, people also need to raise awareness about building smart cities. For example, if smart traffic is deployed, but when people participate in circulation and do not comply with the regulations, there is no sense, the implementation of smart city construction goes against the original purpose. “The secret to creating that environment as well as creating smart cities is to build sustainable cities with efforts not only from the Government but also the whole society. Smart city is a city that takes advantage of new and digitized technologies to simplify the process, improve people's lives, bring the best environment for businesses,” Associate Professor - Dr. Phan Minh Tan said.

Besides, the construction of a smart city must also promote the close relationship of the "3-house" model; there must be cohesion, balance and appropriate judgment. Associate Professor - Dr. Mai Thanh Phong, Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, said that the role of science and technology is very important. As in Singapore, although it is one of the countries with advanced science and technology but still wants to acquire new technologies of advanced countries. Therefore, the country has built centers that both receive technology and train and train human resources to operate the technology optimally.

“Binh Duong needs to focus on supporting scientific research, creating a balance of scientists with universities, research institutes and businesses. The state plays an intermediary role for that association,” said Associate Professor - Dr. Mai Thanh Phong.

Apply appropriate technology

Dr. Tran Du Lich, a member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Group, shared that while he was studying abroad he found that when he was on the highway, the driver stopped when he stopped on the road. High speed because of receiving warnings of speeding over 15 minutes and having to stop 15 minutes to compensate for speeding time. This warning is recorded by a highway camera and transferred to the driver. It can be said that the application of technology in traffic control has been effective in controlling and regulating traffic. However, the choice of technology must be calculated, depending on the practical situation to deploy.

According to Dr. Tran Du Lich, the problem is how urban construction is smart; The formation of a suitable startup ecosystem is an important factor in building a smart city. “I have the opportunity to visit some innovative innovative startups in the United States. I realize that the decisive role of entrepreneurship is still technology, because through technology will determine what to deploy, what to apply to smart cities: For example, traffic management is available. hundreds of technologies, but choosing the right technology has to be chosen, ”said Dr. Tran Du Lich.

In this regard, Associate Professor - Dr. Phan Minh Tan also shared, in 2010, IBM Corporation proposed to deploy the construction of a smart city in Ho Chi Minh City with 3 smart transportation projects, Smart industry and entrepreneurship ecosystem. However, at that time, the concept of a smart city was still new, Ho Chi Minh City did not have preparation, so it was not implemented according to IBM's proposal.

Therefore, in order to build a smart city, Binh Duong needs a careful preparation, technology selection to apply and operate smart cities appropriately and it is important to build a foundation. good data. “When implementing the project, building a smart city plan without a database is difficult to implement. At this time, projects, planning are imposing, unable to give analysis and apply to reality,” Associate Professor - Dr. Phan Minh Tan emphasized.

Mr. Oliver Chen, Senior Global Market Manager and Managing Partner of LITE-ON Group (Taiwan, China) said: Not only the infrastructure and platforms but the databases and applications run. on that infrastructure also need to connect and connect with each other so that cities can optimize their resources. Because a single product can be smart, it's just a puzzle. If it can't be matched with other applications and infrastructure, we won't be able to create a panorama of a smart city.

Reported by Hoang Pham – Translated by Vi Bao

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