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Many meaningful sharing activities respond to Humanitarian Month

Update: 18-05-2024 | 14:59:01

On the morning of May 17, Red Cross Society of Thu Dau Mot City organized a program to respond to Humanitarian Month 2024 with the theme: "Humanitarian journey - Giving and receiving love". The program had the participation of Nguyen Van Dong, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee; leaders of the Provincial Red Cross Society, sponsors, and 300 people and students having difficult circumstances in the city.

In response to this year's Humanitarian Month, Red Cross levels in the city have been carrying out many humanitarian activities, such as: building Red Cross houses, organization of "Zero Dong Market", giving livelihood support, awarding scholarships to students having difficult circumstances... From the contributions received, in this program, the City Red Cross Association awarded scholarships for 50 students. Each child received a scholarship worth 1 million VND and a gift of 300,000 VND. In addition, 250 people having difficult circumstances also received vouchers to go to the "Zero Dong Market". Each person who goes to the market was supported with many essential goods worth 700,000 VND/gift.

In addition to the gifts shared, the City Red Cross Association also received 70 million VND donated by Do Anh Long, who lives in Chanh My ward, to build Red Cross houses for people having difficult housing situations.

l On the same morning, at Ben Cat Workers' Cultural Center, Labor Confederation of Ben Cat City coordinated with Red Cross Association, Ben Cat Youth Union and Ben Cat City Buddhist Sangha to organize a "Zero Dong Market".

The market included 17 items of necessities and essential household appliances for 300 workers and people having difficult circumstances in the city. Each worker who went to the market received a gift worth 500,000 VND.

Reported by H.Thuan, H.Van - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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