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Progress of key traffic projects sped ​​up

Update: 22-02-2024 | 11:38:52

To speed up the implementation of key traffic projects and works in the province, contractors, construction units and investors have implemented many solutions. Right after the Tet holiday, they gathered equipment, vehicles and human resources for construction. Transport projects connecting important regions such as belt road 4 of Ho Chi Minh City and Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh expressway are also completing procedures under the regulations to soon start construction.

Construction throughout Tet

Tran Hung Viet, Director of provincial management board for traffic works construction and investment said that up to now, the progress of key projects is accelerating. Especially, for the construction package No. 2 of Ho Chi Minh city’s belt road 3 project, units have arranged to work through Tet to ensure its progress under the investor's requirements.

Vo Van Minh, Chairman of provincial People's Committee conducts a field trip to inspect the progress of the project of upgrading National Highway 13

The component 5 project of the belt road 3 of Ho Chi Minh city is divided into 4 construction packages (XL). The package XL1 to build Tan Van intersection is currently selecting contractors, insurance and supervision consultants. The package XL2 to build Binh Chuan intersection has reached 15% of total volume. In the bidding package for the Binh Chuan section to Saigon River (XL3), contractors have gathered motorbikes, equipment, are coordinating with local authorities and households to receive the site, and deploy the construction of 1 bored pile, 4 CDM test piles. The Package XL4 constructs Binh Goi bridge, with the construction progress of reaching 17% compared to the contract.

 “The component project 5 of Ho Chi Minh city's belt road 3 continues accelerating the progress of the XL bidding package that have been implemented, focusing on completing procedures to start construction of the remaining bidding packages in February 2024. The project is expected to be completed in June 2025. The component 6 project continues monitoring and urging the progress of compensation payment for clearance cases. Particularly, for the 15.3km section that overlaps with My Phuoc - Tan Van express, it will be implemented under the direction of the competent authority, choosing an optimal plan to implement the project", Mr. Hung Viet.

On the North Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang arterial road project, up to now, the North Tan Uyen and Bau Bang section have had 100% of the site handed over. The main route section through Phu Giao area has had 99% of the site handed over. There are currently 16 cases that have not agreed to hand over the site, due to some reasons mainly related to the origin of the land and the unit price of paying land use fees…

On the construction site of a bridge across the Dong Nai River (Bach Dang 2 bridge) with a total length of about 400m, a scale of 4 lanes, construction is currently underway, with the volume reaching 65% under the contract. Right after the Tet holiday, 100% of engineers and workers have been present on the construction site to focus on accelerating construction progress, striving to complete the project in the second quarter of 2024.

Guaranteed progress

Ho Chi Minh city’s belt road 4 project in the phase 1 is under the public-private partnership (PPP) method, BOT contract type with total investment of more than VND 18.24 trillion. The Traffic Department under provincial management board for traffic works construction and investment is the investor and is carrying out site clearance work for the projects.

Right after the Tet holiday, 100% of engineers and workers have returned to the construction site of Bach Dang 2 bridge across Dong Nai river

For the component 1 project of Ho Chi Minh city’s belt road 4, provincial People's Committee has approved the cost estimate for investment and approved documents for installing clearance piles for the Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc section. Becamex IDC has also prepared a land clearance boundary design document on the construction scope of the component 2 project, provincial Department of Transport is evaluating and submitting for approval under the regulations. For the site clearance of Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc road, North Tan Uyen district’s People's Committee has issued a plan to recover land, investigate, survey, measure and count the first and second phases, is surveying and preparing an appraisal certificate for compensation price, provincial Land Fund Development Center is conducting inventory for cases affected by the project.

So far, for the section passing through Thu Dau Mot city on Nguyen Tri Phuong street, from Thay Nang bridge to Thu Ngu bridge, with a total length of 766m, the construction unit is implementing a park item, with its progress reaching 55% of the volume. For traffic and lighting items, their progress has reached 65% of the contracted volume, which is expected to complete the project in June 2024. For the section from Bay Tra canal to Ba Lua canal with a total length of about 2.2km. As of now, Thu Dau Mot city’s People's Committee has completed a report proposing investment policies and submitted it to provincial Department of Planning and Investment for appraisal.

The Saigon riverside road section through Thuan An city includes a project to upgrade the Saigon riverside road, with the section from Gia Long street to Vinh Phu 40 street at about 1.84km and the section from Binh Nham canal to the border An Son port at about 2.23km. Currently, provincial People's Committee has an investment policy for the project and Thuan An city’s People's Committee is adjusting a report on investment policy proposal with the road width of 32m. For the project to build a road along the Saigon River, about 3km from Ba Lua canal to An Son port, provincial Traffic Department has set up a pre-feasibility study report and is submitting it to provincial Department of Planning and Investment for appraisal.

For the Phuoc Kien intersection project, the Traffic Department is currently carrying out land clearance work, surveying, setting up its design documents and estimates. Currently, Thu Dau Mot city’s People's Committee has approved a compensation plan to recover 0.63 hectares of land, reaching 100% of the plan. Thu Dau Mot city’s Land Fund Development Center is paying compensation to affected households. The Traffic Department continues coordinating with Thu Dau Mot cit’s People's Committee to accelerate the progress of compensation, support and resettlement while further carrying out procedures for implementing the next project under the regulations. Whilst, Becamex IDC coordinates with departments and sectors to urgently study documents for overpass items, quickly complete legal procedures and deploy construction.

Regarding the Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh expressway project, Mr. Viet said that it is expected to announce the implementation policy in March 2024. Based on the direction of provincial leaders, the unit will strive to speed up the progress to start construction on September 2, 2024.

Reported by Minh Duy-Translated by Kim Tin

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