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Public care-taking from local resources

Update: 18-06-2024 | 14:29:15

Public care-taking from local resources

Implementing the motto "Taking the people's strength to build their lives", in recent years, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province has launched and implemented many programs, mobilizing all resources to invest in developing transportation infrastructure, contributing to the increasingly modern and synchronized appearance of rural areas, facilitating travel, promoting the economy, and improving the quality of people's lives.

An Dien 092 road, An Dien ward, Ben Cat city has just invested in upgrading hot asphalt from socialized resources.

Joint public efforts

One afternoon in early June, we returned to visit An Son hamlet, An Dien commune, Ben Cat city. The rural roads of the hamlet have been paved and concreted, spacious, with flowers and trees planted by the people on both sides of the road, creating a vibrant rural landscape. Mr. Ngo Tan Hong, Secretary of the Party Cell of An Son hamlet, shared: "An Son was originally a purely agricultural hamlet, with mainly gravel and red soil roads. The transportation for the local people was very difficult. Implementing the movement of the whole people to build new rural areas and civilized urban areas, the Working Committee of An Son hamlet Front has mobilized the people to jointly build roads in a socialized direction. Up to now, the rural landscape has changed a lot. The roads are asphalted, concreted, and the houses are built very beautifully."

Recently, An Son hamlet has invested in upgrading the hot asphalt of the An Dien 092 and An Dien 095 roads from the socialized capital source. These two projects have a total length of over 700m and a total construction investment of 3.8 billion VND. Among them, the An Dien 092 road was donated by the people with 1,200m2 of land (worth about 3.6 billion VND). The completion of these projects has facilitated convenient transportation for the people and contributed to the construction of a more modern and clean rural transportation system.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu, a resident living on An Dien 095 road, shares that the completed road makes it convenient for people to travel and for students to go to school without difficulties during the rainy season. With a gentle smile, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu shared: "Before the mobilization and propaganda efforts of the hamlet front committee, the residents all realized that in order to have an increasingly clean living environment and a well-built infrastructure, the collective contribution of each individual is crucial. We voluntarily contributed funds to build the road. Contributing our small part to the construction and development of the locality, we are very excited."

Chairwoman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of An Dien Ward, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, said that the nationwide campaign to promote solidarity in building new rural areas and civilized urban areas has contributed to a significant transformation of the appearance of An Son rural area in particular and the ward in general. The material and spiritual life, as well as the quality of life of the people, have been noticeably improved, while also playing an important role in transforming An Dien into a ward.

In recent years, thanks to the solidarity and joint efforts of the people, including the role of propaganda and mobilization by the mass organizations at all levels in Ben Cat City, there have been significant contributions to the work of rural transportation improvement and upgrading in the area. As a result, the rural transportation infrastructure in the locality is increasingly modern, clean, and beautiful, improving the living standards of the people and making a significant contribution to transforming Ben Cat into a provincial city.

Not only in Ben Cat city, but also in the province, hundreds of "from the people's heart" roads have been built in various neighborhoods and hamlets. It can be clearly seen that the MTTQ system and its member organizations in the area have actively responded and participated in the construction of new rural areas and civilized urban areas. The campaigns have been widely implemented by all levels and sectors, creating a spreading effect among the people and achieving practical results.

Clear, green, and safe

Taking me to the NB5 route, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Head of the Executive Committee of Ward 4, Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen City, happily informed that the NB5 route is 600m long, currently has 60 households living, and is selected to build a model route of the ward. Implementing this route, everyone in the neighborhood agrees.

The NB5 route of Quarter 4, Vinh Tan ward, Tan Uyen city

At the beginning of the road, eye-catching images are the banners promoting civilized streets along with flower pots, ornamental plants, and lush green lawns. Not only that, every household has cameras for security, and flowers are painted on the electric poles to create urban aesthetics. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh's sharing, this model has brought about effectiveness in ensuring environmental sanitation, urban order, and traffic safety. From the NB5 route, the local authorities have expanded the XB1 route and route 19 with the participation of 325 registered households.

Vinh Tan Ward is the gateway to Tan Uyen City, connecting with districts and cities within the province. It holds a strategic position in the overall economic development of the city. The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Vinh Tan Ward has actively implemented the campaign "Whole people unite to build new rural areas, civilized urban areas" attached to the project "People's participation in building cultural and civilized lifestyles."

With the motto "Taking the people's strength to build their lives", the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the ward has launched many effective models that have received positive response from the people, such as "Civilized street connected with propaganda pano" with the criteria of "bright, green, clean, beautiful, safe", with a total budget of 579 million VND; "Trash-free street and garbage collection by hour" with the participation of 325 households; "Security cameras" with 48 cameras installed at 21 public locations, funded by contributions from the people. In addition, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the ward has coordinated with regular member organizations to organize environmental sanitation activities, disease prevention, and attracted nearly 10,000 people to participate.

Mr. Tran Hoai Anh, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Vinh Tan Ward, said: "In propaganda and mobilization work, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the ward particularly emphasizes the role of reputable individuals in the community, promoting the people's right to self-determination and fostering high consensus. The achieved results have contributed significantly to building Vinh Tan Ward into a civilized, meaningful, and increasingly improved living environment for the people."

In recent years, the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels in the province has actively implemented many practical programs, specifically, creating a wide-ranging spread, bringing about high social effects, and arousing the spirit of solidarity. Many units have implemented flexible and effective forms of the campaign "Whole people unite to build new rural areas, civilized urban areas"; building, replicating and improving the quality and effectiveness of self-management models in residential areas such as the "Safe, civilized, green - clean - beautiful" road line, "Civilized street". Rural roads, flower roads, self-managed environmental protection teams, flowers in the streets, garbage-free neighborhoods, garbage-free alleyways; rural lighting, lighting up rural roads, planting flowers instead of weeds... These results have contributed significantly to the construction of new rural areas, civilized and modern cities.

Chairwoman Nguyen Thi My Hang of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province: “Based on the integrated campaigns, many practical contents have been incorporated, strongly arousing the spirit of unity, expressing the just aspirations of the people, and receiving the enthusiastic response of the people. From there, it contributes to maintaining economic growth, ensuring social security, awakening all potentials and internal strength within the people, and contributing to the successful implementation of the province's political, economic, cultural, and social tasks.”

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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