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Working people retained from the beginning of the years

Update: 26-02-2024 | 13:07:45

On February 19 (the 10th day of the Lunar New Year), most enterprises in the province have resumed production, with many of them having 100% of the workforce returning to work on time. Many workers express their gratitude to the trade union and business leaders for not only making efforts to ensure a proper Tet holiday but also providing transportation support back to Binh Duong.

The leadership of Thai Binh Investment Corporation gives Tet gifts to workers on the first day of the Lunar New Year campaign

Picking up workers at home

Just like every year, for the Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024, the Thien Nam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Di An City) organizes 14- 45-seat buses to transport workers to various provinces and cities nationwide to celebrate the holiday and reunite with their families. In 2023, despite facing numerous challenges in production and business, the grassroots trade union has collaborated with the company's leadership to ensure a warm and full Lunar New Year for the workers. Beside organizing a year-end party for all employees, including fun activities, lucky draws with valuable prizes, the grassroots trade union also held a "Zero VND Market" session at the enterprise with items worth hundreds of millions of dong, mainly various types of clothing. In addition, each worker received a bonus equivalent to 2 months' salary (nearly 30 million VND per person).

Mr. Pham Van Duc from Nghe An province, working for many years at a company, said: "Our workers are grateful to the company's leadership for making diligent efforts to take care of the workers. In addition to taking care of salaries, Tet bonuses, Tet gifts, and recreational activities, the company also arranges transportation for workers attentively during the Tet holiday. This year, not only workers at the company but also family members are provided with transportation arrangements, and children are exempt from transportation fees. Traveling during the Tet holiday is often very difficult, but the company has taken care of everything so we are not concerned about anything, just focusing on enjoying the holiday.”

Thanks to being cared for and taken care of in all aspects, on the first day of the year returning to production (February 19), 100% of the company's workers were present, creating a positive working atmosphere on the first day of the new year. Mr. Tran Ngoc Vinh, Chairman of the grassroots trade union of Thien Nam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, said: "The company's leadership is very pleased that on the first day back to work, 100% of the workforce was present. This demonstrates the high level of responsibility of the workers towards the company. In 2024, despite the limited number of orders, the enterprise still ensures employment for workers throughout the year. The welfare regimes for workers are well maintained as in previous years, such as free housing, relaxation areas for workers, and complimentary drinks during break times, as well as ensuring quality meals. Cases of illness or difficulty are taken care of meticulously, ensuring an income level of 10 to 15 million Vietnamese dong per person per month.”

To facilitate favorable conditions for workers to return to stable work on February 19, from February 16, Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Dĩ An City) has also organized many shuttle buses to pick up workers from provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Quang Binh, Quang Ngai... back to Binh Duong after the Tet holiday. According to Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Nhung, Chairwoman of the grassroots trade union of Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd: "Only considering the annual activity 'Spring Charity Caravan', the company has allocated a significant amount of funding to facilitate employees to reunite with their families in their hometowns during the Tet holiday. In 2024, the grassroots trade union continues to collaborate effectively with the company's leadership to maintain well the regimes and policies for taking care of employees, especially those in difficult circumstances."

4-month salary extended to working people

Although not directly organizing transportation for workers, many other businesses have good care regimes for workers during the Lunar New Year 2024 and throughout 2023. A typical example is Stella Pharm Joint Venture Company Limited (Thuan An City), where on the first day back to work (February 19), 100% of workers were present at the company. During the Lunar New Year, workers are typically rewarded with an average of 3 to 4 months' salary per person along with other benefits. Ms. Tran Thi Man, a worker at the company, said: "Not only on Tet holiday, but on all holidays, the company rewards the workers, depending on their seniority and work capacity. For those who are sick or facing difficulties, the grassroots trade union and the company have support policies. Recently, I was seriously ill and received support from the grassroots trade union and raised over 100 million VND."

In an interview with PV, Ms. Phan Thanh Thuy, Chairwoman of the Trade Union at Stella Pharm Joint Venture Company, stated: "During the recent Lunar New Year holiday, although the company did not arrange transportation for workers to return to their hometowns for the holiday, each person was supported with 500,000 Vietnamese dong for travel expenses. The employees are well taken care of in terms of salary and bonuses by the enterprise, so most of them have been loyal for many years. They take advantage of working every day to enjoy the best regime, rather than quitting or changing jobs. The regimes for taking care of workers in 2024 will continue to be maintained stably."

At Thai Binh Investment Joint Stock Company (Di An City), in addition to salary and Tet bonuses, the business spent nearly 9 billion VND on Tet gifts for employees. Tet gifts for workers include 6 essential items such as fragrant rice, fish sauce, cooking oil... worth hundreds of thousands of VND a portion. The grassroots trade union of the factories collaborates with the local authorities and the higher-level Labor Union to organize activities to take care of workers in the area, such as giving more than 2,500 Tet gifts worth over 1.8 billion VND in cash and goods. The company's grassroots trade union also organizes other social activities such as supporting the "Children Protection Fund of Binh Duong province", the 17th "Spring with poor children of Binh Duong province" program in 2024; awarded 1,000 gifts of necessities worth a total of 300 million VND (in localities of Kien Giang, Tra Vinh, Binh Phuoc...); organized a package of more than 3,000 banh chung to give to 1,500 workers away from home staying in Binh Duong to celebrate Tet.

Reported by Quang Tam – Translated by Vi Bao

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