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Self-managing models among people consolidated

Update: 28-04-2021 | 16:09:07

Lieutenant Colonel Vo Hong Bao, Head of Bau Bang district’s Police Agency said that: “Since early this year, the district’s Police Agency has strengthened self-managing models among people and core organizations to create a solid people's security posture, thereby contributing to the fight against crime and illegal acts, creating a safe and secure environment, contributing to the local socio-economic development”.

Over the past time, the district’s police force consolidated 7 clubs on crime prevention with 329 members; 7 clubs on lodging proprietors with self-management in order and security with 243 members; 10 sub-union clubs for young workers at lodging facilities with 382 members ... With the spirit of actively mobilizing people to participate in denouncing crimes, since early this year, the district’s police force has received 200 news, including 152 valuable news, thereby promptly coordinating with relevant units to  solve problems related to the local security and order. In addition, police forces of communes and the township have also advised the local administration to sign commitments with 43 residential areas, hamlets, and 19 schools to achieve the standard of "Safety and security and order".

Reported by Quang Phuoc-Translated by K.T

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