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Thorough preparation for provincial armed forces’ “determination to win” emulation congress

Update: 10-06-2024 | 11:03:42

On June 8, a delegation from the Military Zone 7’s Political Department inspected preparations for organizing provincial armed forces’ “determination to win” emulation congress for the period of 2019-2024.

The delegation also inspects the exhibition arrangements for the congress

The delegation reviewed and approved all aspects of the congress program, including organization, methods of managing the congress presidium, welcome performance programs, summary reports, discussion contributions, exemplary reports, exhibition of local products, educational models, and technical improvement initiatives of the local armed forces.

The delegation spoke highly of thorough preparations for provincial armed forces’ “determination to win” emulation congress. The organization board was well-prepared in all aspects, with reports closely aligned with the practical situation and tasks of the unit, decoration done under regulations with seriousness. The delegation recommended provincial Military Command to heed suggestions from the delegation, correct and supplement any unsuitable points. The contents of speeches and exemplary reports at the congress should be concise, profound, highlighting the achievements of the “determination to win” emulation movement over the past five years, particularly innovative and widely impactful methods.

A representative of the delegation emphasized that the success of the congress will yield many lessons and innovative ways to be expanded, creating a widespread impact to further promote the “determination to win” emulation movement in the future, generating enthusiasm and motivation for officers and soldiers to well complete their tasks, contributing to building up a pure and strong Party committee, a comprehensively strong unit.

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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