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Tan Uyen city Police administers sanctions on traffic safety violation on photography forwarded from the public

Update: 13-06-2024 | 14:11:52

The representative of the Traffic Order Police Team under the Tan Uyen city Police Department said that after the widespread implementation of calling for "All people to join hands to contribute to preventing traffic accidents" by the local police, the unit has received 25 videos and images provided by the people regarding cases of violations of traffic safety regulations from April 26 to June 7.

Tan Uyen city Traffic Police of Tan Uyen city is filing sactions on a case of photographic evidence of traffic safety breaching provided by the public

Based on the data, the functional forces have verified and recorded 7 cases with violation like driving in the wrong lanes, overtaking in prohibited cases, overloading, not obeying traffic light signals with a penalty of revoking 5 driving licenses and imposing a fine of a total of 21.5 million VND. Currently, the Tan Uyen city Police are verifying the remaining 16 cases for processing according to regulations.

Reported by Quynh Anh – Translated by Vi Bao

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