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Environmental Festival 2024: Spreading message of building up a green living environment

Update: 06-06-2024 | 13:51:51

On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), Binh Duong province organized an Environmental Festival in Phu Giao district. This annual event aimed at raising the community’s awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and joining hands in action for a green, clean and beautiful environment on the morning of June 5.

Actively responding

The 2024 Environmental Festival was organized to focus the attention of organizations, individuals and the public on the significance of environmental protection actions, raising awareness and viewing soil restoration, drought prevention and desertification as integral parts of socio-economic development.

Provincial and local leaders present flowers and certificates of merit to sponsors of the 2024 Environmental Festival

This year’s festival featured four booths for exchanging waste for gifts and four countryside cuisine booths promoting green, safe, and environmentally friendly living standards. Additionally, interactive games contributed to the festival's vibrancy, encouraging environmental protection activities. Trinh Duc Dung, Chairman of Phu Giao district’s Farmers' Association stated: "Through activities displaying and introducing safe, environmentally friendly agricultural products, the district’s Farmers' Association aimed at raising the community’s awareness of the importance of environmental protection, thereby changing habits and behaviors in production and daily life to protect the living environment".

Phuoc Vinh town's green booth attracted delegates and residents with its agricultural products. Espencially, recycled artworks made from paper and straws by Tran Hung Dao Secondary School’s students delighted viewers with their creativity. Huynh Huy Long, Chairman of Phuoc Vinh town’s People's Committee shared: “Participating in the green booth is an opportunity for the locality to promote its signature products, including those recognized as with 3-star OCOPs. This is a chance for these products to reach a wider market and gain recognition from various organizations and individuals".
The festival also attracted residents and numerous students to participate in such activities as exchanging waste for gifts and playing interactive games with prizes. Le Thi Tu, a resident of Phuoc Vinh town said: "I find this activity meaningful as it contributes to environmental protection. Instead of littering, I collected waste and exchanged it for useful gifts for my family". Doan Ngoc Tra My, a student of class 7A7 at Tran Hung Dao Secondary School shared: "I really like this program. I collected recyclable materials with my parents and exchanged them for meaningful gifts".

Towards sustainable development

Speaking at the Environmental Festival, Mai Hung Dung, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee and Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee emphasized that land restoration is one of the main goals in the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030). Through policies, initiatives, global and regional cooperation mechanisms, ecosystems can be protected and revived to achieve sustainable development goals. The content of land restoration, drought prevention and desertification must be considered as an integral part of the socio-economic development plan.

Residents and students participate in exchanging waste for gifts

Mr. Dung also urged local authorities to strictly control waste sources from construction, industrial and agricultural activities, ensuring that generated waste is treated to meet environmental protection requirements and prohibiting the improper discharge of waste into the soil...

Phu Giao is an agricultural district.  Over the past years, the district’s livestock industry has brought considerable economic benefits to many local residents. However, this has also led to environmental issues and protecting the environment in animal husbandry, which is a pressing problem for the locality. Additionally, the collection, classification and treatment of household waste of few residents have not been prioritized yet, leading to aesthetic degradation and localized environmental pollution.

Van Quang Chinh, Vice Chairman of Phu Giao district’s People's Committee stated that in order to address environmental issues in animal husbandry, the district has implemented one of two breakthrough programs for the 2020-2025 period. This program focuses on continuing the development of high-tech agriculture linked with producing, processing, consuming products and building up an enhanced-style new countryside in association with environmental protection. One of the key tasks is to strengthen the management and efficient use of land and resources, protecting the environment and proactively responding to climate change.

Additionally, the district's agencies, departments, mass organizations, businesses, People's Committees of communes and towns as well as residents have continued maintaining community activities and effective models for environmental protection and climate change response; regularly organized activities to clean up the environment, collect and treat plastic waste and hazardous waste in the area.

Mai Hung Dung, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee and Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee emphasized the importance of environmental protection to businesses, urging them to effectively treat waste and comply with discharge standards. He required them to promote the application of advanced, eco-friendly technologies and circular economy models towards green and sustainable development to minimize desertification and proactively respond to climate change. Residents should seek information, understand and apply techniques to prevent drought and desertification in land cultivation and limit the use of single-use plastic waste. Organizations, individuals, communities and businesses with outstanding achievements and initiatives in environmental protection should be recognized and rewarded.

Reported by Tien Hanh-Translated by Tien Hanh

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