Innovation for sustainable development

Cập nhật: 07-12-2023 | 13:08:55

At the dialogue session of the Horasis Asia Meeting 2023 on "Multinational Management across Asia" chaired by  Metin Guvener, Founding Chairman of the UK’s Optima Orbits, speakers, including CEOs, leaders of alternative development organizations, managing partners, founding chairpersons from Hong Kong (China), South Korea, Japan, the UK, shared a number of experience and perspectives on multinational management.

According to these speakers, innovation is the prerequisite for countries to have sustainable development. Depending on each country’s conditions and each period, breakthrough innovation or partial innovation is needed. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation has become even more important to maintain sustainable development. In innovation, one of the inseparable factors is training and attracting human resources between countries to create a stronger promotion of innovation, which is even more important for multinational corporations. It is also necessary to promote the spirit of teamwork to uphold collective intelligence, helping promote innovation. Besides, it is necessary to promote the role of women in innovation. Speakers also shared a number of issues about preferential tax policies, inflation control and consumer demand stimulation. Diversity and cultural exchange between countries are also necessary factors in multinational management and innovation.

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by Kim Tin

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