Technology contributes to improving living standards

Cập nhật: 07-12-2023 | 13:09:12

A panel discussions titled "Robotization is Asia's new reality" recently took place at the 2023 Horasis Asia Meeting. At the session, delegates discussed adapting to trends and preparing for the next stage of the robot revolution in Asian countries. Among them, computers, automation, coherent operation autonomy, Internet of Things (IoT) with vast connectivity are a new revolution.

Constantin Malik, co-founder of Labs (Federal Republic of Germany), believes that each country will have a different approach and application of robot technology depending on the context, in which attention should be paid to integration with artificial intelligence (AI). Maximizing the potential to exploit and use technology and robots in necessary fields will create a solid foundation for sustainable economic development. However, any technology platform has limitations and requires each country and user to consider and think systematically in order to still develop brilliantly without becoming a "victim" of robotization.

Reported by Phuong Le - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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